Dallas Cowboys 101...1978

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    Row 1
    • 1 Rafael Septien, K
    • 11 Danny White, QB
    • 12 Roger Staubach, QB, Pro Bowl *, NFL Man of the Year
    • 18 Glenn Carano, QB
    • 21 Doug Dennison, RB
    • 24 Alois Blackwell, RB
    • 25 Aaron Kyle, CB
    • 26 Preston Pearson, RB
    • 31 Benny Barnes, DB
    Row 2
    • 32 Dennis Thurman, DB
    • 33 Tony Dorsett, RB, Pro Bowl *
    • 35 Scott Laidlaw, RB
    • 41 Charlie Waters, S, Pro Bowl *, All Pro
    • 42 Randy Hughes, S
    • 43 Cliff Harris, S, Pro Bowl *, All Pro
    • 44 Robert Newhouse, FB
    • 46 Mark Washington, CB
    • 50 D. D. Lewis, LB
    Row 3
    • 53 Bob Breunig, LB
    • 54 Randy White, DT, Pro Bowl, All Pro
    • 56 Thomas Henderson, LB, Pro Bowl
    • 57 Bruce Huther, LB
    • 58 Mike Hegman, LB
    • 59 Guy Brown, LB
    • 60 Tom Randall, G
    • 61 Jim Cooper, OL
    • 62 John Fitzgerald, C
    Row 4
    • 63 Larry Cole, DL
    • 64 Tom Rafferty, G/C
    • 65 Dave Stalls, DE
    • 66 Burton Lawless, G
    • 67 Pat Donovan, T
    • 68 Herbert Scott, G
    • 70 Rayfield Wright, TE/T
    • 71 Andy Frederick, T
    • 72 Ed Jones, DE
    Row 5
    • 75 Jethro Pugh, DE
    • 76 Larry Bethea, DL
    • 79 Harvey Martin, DE, Pro Bowl
    • 80 Tony Hill, WR, Pro Bowl
    • 83 Golden Richards, WR
    • 86 Butch Johnson, WR
    • 87 Jay Saldi, TE
    • 88 Drew Pearson, WR
    • 89 Billy Joe DuPree, TE, Pro Bowl *
    Row 6
    • Tom Landry, Head Coach
    • Jim Myers, Coach
    • Mike Ditka, Coach
    • Dan Reeves, Coach
    • Gene Stallings, Coach
    • Ernie Stautner, Coach
    • Jerry Tubbs, Coach
    • Bob Ward, Coach
    • Don Cochren, Trainer
    • Buck Buchanan, Equipment Manager
    • Ken Locker, Assistant Trainer
    * = Starter

    :star: 1978 Cowboys Draft :star:
    1…Larry Bethea, DE, Michigan State
    2…Todd Christensen, TE, Brigham Young
    3…Dave Hudgens, T, Oklahoma
    4…Alois Blackwell, RB, Houston
    5…Rich Rosen, G, Syracuse
    6…Harold Randolph, LB, East Carolina
    7…Tom Randall, DT, Iowa State
    8…Homer Butler, WR, UCLA
    9…Russ Williams, DB, Tennessee
    10…Barry Tomasetti, T, Iowa
    11…Dennis Thurman, DB, USC
    12…Lee Washburn, G, Montana State

    :star: 1978 Cowboys Schedule :star:
    Year 13 of 20 year winning streak

    NFC East Champs (6th)
    NFC Conference Champs (5th)

    9/4/78…Won vs. Baltimore Colts, 38-0
    9/10/78…Won @ New York Giants, 34-24
    9/17/78…Lost @ Los Angeles Rams, 14-27
    9/24/78…Won vs. St. Louis Cardinals, 21-12
    10/2/78…Lost @ Washington Redskins, 5-9
    10/8/78…Won vs. New York Giants, 24-3
    10/15/78…Won @ St. Louis Cardinals, 24-21 OT
    10/22/78…Won vs. Philadelphia Eagles, 14-7
    10/26/78…Lost vs. Minnesota Vikings, 10-21
    11/5/78…Lost @ Miami Dolphins, 16-23
    11/12/78…Won @ Green Bay Packers, 42-14
    11/19/78…Won vs. New Orleans Saints, 27-7
    11/23/78…Won vs. Washington Redskins, 37-10
    12/3/78…Won vs. New England Patriots, 17-10
    12/10/78…Won @ Philadelphia Eagles, 31-13
    12/17/78…Won @ New York Jets, 30-7

    7-1 @ Dallas
    5-3 on the road

    Points scored...384, 24.0 ppg
    Points allowed...208, 13.0 ppg

    12/30/78...Won vs. Atlanta Falcons, 27-20

    1/7/79...Won @ Los Angeles Rams, 28-0

    1/21/79...Lost to Pittsburgh Steelers, 31-35

    1978 Cowboys Stats

    All Time franchise record...161-99-6
    All time Post Season Record...15-10
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    Was this the year of that bogus pass interference call against the Stealers?

    I've seen that on replay, and I can't imagine how distraught I would have been seeing that live - as the DB was run over and called for PI. I guess that's just one of those instances where the ref looks over at the wrong instance, and it looks like the DB's pulling the WR down, instead of getting run over.

    Good lord we sent a bunch to the pro-bowl every year. I guess with less teams that was inevitable.
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    Christensen was on NFLN last night talking about his playing days with the Raiders....
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    When I saw you had replied in the thread I bet myself I knew what you posted.

    I was right.
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    Well, it was an iconic moment.

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    The Cowboys of 1978 were another great team for us. We led the league in offense, led the league in sacks, led the NFC in defense, led the NFC in both rushing and passing TDs, (which is very unusual, I'd have to look up to see how many times that has been done), and led the league in completion % allowed.

    This was another very talented team from top to bottom and in all aspects of the game. Staubach was again the top rated passer in the league and Tony Hill came into his own as our top WR. Dorsett and Newhouse gave us a very nice one-two punch in the running game while Hill and the Pearsons along with Billy Joe DuPree gave Roger a lot of targets in the passing game. DuPree led the NFC in TD receptions with 9 and was always a threat near the goalline.

    We put 9 players in the Pro-Bowl again and had depth that was better than most teams' starters. Randy White became a force at DT and our safety duo of Harris and Waters both made All-Pro.

    We lost 4 games that year and won the NFC East easily, 3 games ahead of the 2nd place Eagles. Once in the playoffs, we had a tough time against the Falcons who almost stole on from us as Staubach went out with a concussion and Danny White brought us back with 2 2nd half scores to win it 27-20.

    In the NFC Championship game we faced the Rams yet again and once again completely dominated them. It was a defensive 1st half as neither team could score but Dorsett scored in the 3rd quarter and we posted 3 more in the 4th to shut Los Angeles out 28-0. The last 2 TDs came in the final 3 minutes with Staubach connecting with DuPree on an 11-yard pass and Hollywood Henderson picking off a Vince Ferragamo pass and taking it 68-yards to the house. The last 2 offensive TDs were setup by Charlie Waters INTs as we picked off the Rams' QBs 5 times.

    In the 2 playoff games our defense had created 10 turnovers and would account for 3 more in the SB.

    SB XIII was IMO the best SB of all time. It matched the 2 top teams of the decade, each of whom had won 2 previous SBs, two different styles, appealed to different audiences, was a rematch of 3 years ago, matched the defending champs against the former champs, and was another close, back and forth affair with a lot of big plays, controversy, heartbreak, and a dramatic finish. Everything you could ask for in a SB except a Cowboys victory.

    The Stealers were at their best that year going 14-2 and totally destroying the Broncos and Oilers in the playoffs. They had rolled through the regular season and playoff with a dominating defense (led the league) and a high-powered offense that focused on hard running and big passing plays.

    In the SB, the Stealers got off first with a 28-yard pass from Bradshaw to John Stallworth but we came right back with a 39-yard TD pass from Roger to Tony Hill.

    The controversial plays came in the form of one of the worst PI calls in the history of football when Benny Barnes had good coverage on Lynn Swann deep down the right sidelines and Swann tripped Barnes as both were looking up for the ball. How it was called on Barnes is a mystery to this day and the only thing we can come up with is that the official had money on the Stealers. Another came when the Umpire inexplicably moved in front of Charlie Waters and blocked him from getting to Franco Harris on what turned out to be a 22-yard TD run. The fact that both plays came on the same drive and in the 4th quarter is what created most of the controversy.

    The heart break came on three plays:

    The first one was when the Cowboys, having the momentum at the time, had driven downfield in the 3rd quarter and Roger threw a pass right into the chest of TE Jackie Smith who dropped it. He was all alone in the endzone and simply let the ball bounce off his chest and we had to settle for a FG. The guy had a Hall of Fame career with the Cardinals but he will always live in infamy because of the play, and rightly so IMO. The weird thing about it was that he was brought in for precisely that play and situation as he hadn't caught a pass in the regular season and his only action had been 3 receptions in the playoff game against the Falcons.

    The second one came in the 4th quarter after Harris' 22-yard TD had put the Stealers up 28-17. On the ensuing kickoff, Randy White, whose right hand and forearm were in a cast somehow ended up on the kickoff return team. He normally didn't play on STs but for some reason he went out there, cast and all. The Stealers kicked a squib kick right to him and he fumbled it. Pittsburgh recovered it and a few plays later scored on an 18-yard Swann reception with about 6 minutes to go in the game.

    Down 35-17 it was time for Roger to go to work which led to the third and final heartbreak of the day...

    Staubach engineered 2 drives that ended with TDs and now down by only 4 points (the difference between a FG and the Jackie Smith dropped TD pass GRRRR), and 22 seconds to go, we tried another onside kick but Rocky Blier recovered it and they ran out the clock. That may not sound like much of a heartbreak but I was sure we would get it back and Staubach would connect on a game-winning TD as time ran out. We had scored so quickly and easily on the last 2 drives that I was positive that fate was on our side and we would win.

    There were lots of big plays in the game like Mike Hegman's recovery of a Bradshaw fumble which he ran back 37 yards for a TD. John Stallworth breaking an Aaron Kyle tackle and running 75-yards for a score.

    Another great season ending in disappointment for us. It is a wonder that any of us older fans are still alive and didn't commit suicide over some of these losses, and we weren't done yet.
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    Did you ever notice that when Roger failed to lead us to victory in a come from behind it was usually because of someone else, not him?

    I swear I thought Roger was simply above failure and was saddled with people who weren't.

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    I agree, it certainly wasn't Staubach's fault that Jackie Smith dropped the pass right in his chest. Roger never lost a game, he just ran out of time. :D
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    If Smith catches that ball, it's 21-21 in the 3rd quarter. Plenty of time for all sorts of things (good and bad) to happen. Even at 21-17, the drop didn't cost us the game. It didn't excuse the shabby defense that followed, or the screwup on ST. Pitt just flat out owned us in the 70's (pre-season, reg season, playoffs). It happens.

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