Dallas Cowboys 101...2002

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    Row 1
    • Robert Blackwell, Video Director
    • Mike McCord, Equipment Manager
    • Bucky Buchanan, Assistant Equipment Manager
    • 3 Billy Cundiff, K
    • 4 Micah Knorr, P
    • 5 Clint Stoerner, QB
    • 7 Chad Hutchinson, QB
    • 13 DeVeren Johnson, WR
    • 15 Anthony Lucas
    • 17 Quincy Carter, QB
    • 20 Derek Ross, CB
    • 21 Lynn Scott, S
    • 22 Emmitt Smith, RB
    • 23 Dwayne Goodrich, CB
    • oe Avezzano, Special Teams
    • Joe Juraszek, Strength and Conditioning
    • Steve Hoffman, Kicking/Quality Control
    Row 2
    • Steve Carichoff, Player Programs/Operations
    • Steve Gagliardino, Video Assistant
    • Jack Murray, Video Assistant
    • 24 Tony Dixon, S
    • 27 Mario Edwards, CB
    • 28 Darren Woodson, S
    • 29 Woodrow Dantzler, S/KR
    • 31 Roy Williams, S
    • 32 Michael Wiley, RB
    • 34 Jamar Martin, FB
    • 38 Duane Hawthorne, CB
    • 40 Keith Davis, S
    • 42 Troy Hambrick, RB
    • 44 Robert Thomas, FB
    • Tony Ollison, Assistant Strength and Conditioning
    • Bennie Wylie, Assistant Strength and Conditioning
    • Wes Chandler, Wide Receivers
    Row 3
    • Josh Stevens, Athletic Training Intern
    • Rich Behm, Video Assistant
    • Mike Kurowski, Equipment Room Assistant
    • 45 Bob Slowikowski, TE
    • 46 Ennis Haywood
    • 47 Pete Hunter, CB
    • 48 Jeff Robinson, TE
    • 50 Jamal Brooks, LB
    • 51 Kevin Hardy, LB
    • 52 Dexter Coakley, LB
    • 53 Keith Adams, LB
    • 54 Trev Faulk
    • 55 Markus Steele, LB
    • 57 Louis Mackey, LB
    • Frank Verducci, Offensive Line
    • Galen Hall, Running Backs
    • Bill Bates, Defensive Nickel Package/Special Teams
    Row 4
    • Jim Maurer, Head Athletic Trainer
    • Britt Brown, Associate Athletic Trainer
    • Greg Gaither, Assistant Athletic Trainer
    • 58 Jeff Grau, C
    • 59 Dat Nguyen, LB
    • 60 John Nix, DT
    • 61 Kelvin Garmon, G
    • 64 Daleroy Stewart, DT
    • 65 Andre Gurode, C/G
    • 67 Dan Collins
    • 68 Matt Lehr, C/G
    • 70 Javiar Collins, T
    • 71 Tyson Walter, OL
    • 73 Larry Allen, G
    • Greg Seamon, Tight Ends/Quality Control
    • Andre Patterson, Defensive Tackles
    • Jim Jeffcoat, Defensive Ends
    Row 5
    • Larry Lacewell, Director of College and Pro Scouting
    • Craig Glieber, Assistant Director of Operations
    • Todd Williams, Assistant Director Player Personnel
    • 75 Brandon Noble, DT
    • 76 Flozell Adams, T
    • 77 Solomon Page, G
    • 79 Marques McFadden, T
    • 80 Reggie Swinton, WR
    • 81 Raghib Ismail, WR
    • 82 Tony McGee, TE
    • 83 James Whalen, TE
    • 84 Joey Galloway, WR
    • 85 Darnay Scott, WR
    • 86 Mike Lucky, TE
    • Wade Wilson, Quarterbacks
    • Clancy Pendergast, Secondary
    • Gary Gibbs, Linebackers
    Row 6
    • Jerry Jones Jr., Chief Sales and Marketing Officer
    • Stephen Jones, Chief Operating Officer
    • Jerry Jones, Owner, President and General Manager
    • Dave Campo, Head Coach, 15-33
    • 87 Ken-Yon Rambo, WR
    • 88 Antonio Bryant, WR
    • 89 Randal Williams, WR
    • 92 Demetric Evans, DE
    • 93 Peppi Zellner, DE
    • 94 Michael Myers, DT
    • 95 Colston Weatherington , DE
    • 96 Ebenezer Ekuban, DE
    • 97 La'Roi Glover, DT, Pro Bowl *
    • 98 Greg Ellis, DE
    • Bruce Coslet, Offensive Coordinator
    • Bruce Mays, Director of Operations
    • Mike Zimmer, Defensive Coordinator
    * = Starter

    La'Roi Glover
    4 time Pro Bowl...2002-05

    :star: 2002 Cowboys Draft :star:
    1…Roy Williams, DB, Oklahoma
    4 time Pro Bowl...2003-06
    2…Andre Gurode, G, Colorado
    1 time Pro Bowl...2006
    2…Antonio Bryant, WR, Pittsburgh
    3…Derek Ross, DB, Ohio State
    4…Jamar Martin, RB, Ohio State
    5…Ralph Hunter, DB, Virginia Union
    6…Tyson Walter, T, Ohio State
    6…Deveren Johnson, WR, Sacred Heart
    6…Bob Slowikowski, TE, Virginia Tech

    :star: 2002 Cowboys Schedule :star:

    9/8/02…Lost @ Houston Texans, 10-19

    9/15/02…Won vs. Tennessee Titans, 21-13
    9/22/02…Lost @ Philadelphia Eagles, 13-44
    9/29/02…Won @ St. Louis Rams, 13-10
    10/6/02…Lost vs. New York Giants, 17-21
    10/13/02…Won vs. Carolina Panthers, 14-13
    10/20/02…Lost @ Arizona Cardinals, 6-9 OT
    10/27/02…Lost vs. Seattle Seahawks, 14-17
    “Emmitt, All Time Rushing Leader”

    11/3/02…Lost @ Detroit Lions, 7-9
    11/10/02…Bye week
    11/17/02…Lost @ Indianapolis Colts, 3-20
    11/24/02…Won vs. Jacksonville Jaguars, 21-19
    11/28/02…Won vs. Washington Redskins, 27-20
    12/8/02…Lost vs. San Francisco 49ers, 27-31
    12/15/02…Lost @ New York Giants, 7-37
    12/21/02…Lost vs. Philadelphia Eagles, 3-27
    12/29/02…Lost @ Washington Redskins, 14-20

    4-4 @ Dallas
    1-7 on the road

    Points scored...217, 13.6 ppg
    Points allowed...329, 20.6 ppg

    All time franchise record...367-269-6
    All time Post Season Record...32-21
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    When Dallas stood at 3-3 after beating the Panthers in dramatic fashion, I had some hope for the season. But the next week against the Cardinals was a big disaster.

    There were a few season highlights. Emmitt setting the all time rushing record was certainly the best.
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    The year I found Internet message boards. I know, I know, yet another reason for all of you to hate the 2002 season.

    Watching Emmitt Smith break the all time rushing yardage record just had me dying to find people to talk about it with. I ended up finding a forum on the DMN website. I was hooked.

    This was a season of turmoil other than Emmitt's quest for the record. We had a QB change in mid season after our starter completely melted down and lost the support of the entire team. It was Dave "I can't get past 5" Campo's final (thank heavens) season as the timeclock watcher. And as it turned out it was Emmitt's Smith's last season with the Cowboys.

    I will never change my mind that he should have played every game in blue and silver. I will never forget how pissed I was that Bruce Coslett didn't do everything in his power to get him to 1000 yards.

    2002 means only one thing to me ultimately. Thank you Emmitt Smith. For everything. In my mind you were the best.
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    This draft was the year I found the Cowboys Scout Page.... and thus began, my Cowboys Internet Message Board Phase.....and I continue it to this day, posting here.

    I have no clue as to why I didn't join a Cowboys Message Board sooner though....I had been a part of a basketballforum for over a year at that point....Dunno.

    The season, sucked, in general.

    But it was this draft that brought about such great hope for me. I began drinking the kool-aid immediately.

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    Hey, how about those QBs! Clint Stoerner, Chad Hutchinson, & Quincy Carter. Now there's three to draw to. :bang2: :bang2: :bang2:

    To think that our "brain trust" actually thought we could win with guys like that at the helm. :bang2: :bang2: :bang2:

    This century has really made my head hurt. :bang2: :bang2: :bang2: :bang2: :bang2: :bang2: :bang2:
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    This is the year I found the "alt.dot" message board on Usenet. Was there a more sickening loss than Game 1 vs. Houston? That told me the rest of the season was futile. Then you had Q's interceptionpalooza in the desert, Campo's comical time-management skills, and a couple of players suspended for tardiness (or something) in the last game vs the Skins. Campo had clearly lost control of the team, with Big Bill waiting in the wings. At least we could take solace from Emmitt's record-breaking day.
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    The season of Hard Knocks really lived up to its name.
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    I was talking Cowboys on Compuserve back in the early 1990s, but I really didn't get into it until 1993.

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