News: Dallas Cowboys among divisional threats

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    By Elliot Harrison
    Analyst, and NFL Network
    Published: June 18, 2013 at 11:42 a.m

    2012 champs: Washington Redskins
    Likeliest threat in 2013: Dallas Cowboys

    Why Dallas?

    The Redskins and Cowboys played their butts off for the NFC East on the last Sunday-nighter of the regular season in 2012. Some Tony Romo interceptions and a shoulder injury to DeMarcus Ware sealed the deal. Expect this division to be up for grabs in 2013. Romo is coming off of a fine campaign, considering the poor play of his line and DeMarco Murray's injury concerns -- and the essential elimination of the Cowboys' running game. Defensively, the Cowboys are switching to a 4-3 under former Tampa 2 guru Monte Kiffin. The thought is that the new-look unit will keep plays in front of itself and create more turnovers. Except for at safety, Dallas has the personnel.

    How it can happen:

    » It starts with a bit of redundancy: create more turnovers. Can't hammer this home enough. In 2012, Dallas finished tied for 28th with 16. Washington had 31. Think about that.
    » The offensive line can't play any worse than it did last year. Subtle improvement, starting with the arrival of first-round draft pick Travis Frederick, could go a long way.
    » Everyone I've spoken with thinks Murray is a special talent. However, a player's best ability is his availability, and Murray hasn't been -- available, that is.

    See the other divisions:
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    I think injuries were key last year... If healthy I expect 10 wins this year.
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    Agreed. Defense failed the worse and injuries decimated it. The offense will be better and hopefully we'll have a weaker schedule although don't count on it. Going from a top ten in strength to a weak schedule has historically meant on average about 2.3 victories. Not counting on that and suspect we'll have a strong schedule. I think it won't matter for us about making the playoffs but its an interesting stat.

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