Dallas Cowboys Complete Mock Draft 5.0

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    This Cowboys Mock Draft is from Bleacher Report. I would be happy with this draft. It is the best I have read.

    What you guys think?

    Round 1 (Trade with Seattle): Sharrif Floyd, DT, Florida
    Height: 6’3”
    Weight: 298 lbs
    (I have a trade here between the Dallas Cowboys and Seattle Seahawks. The Seahawks surrender picks 26, 90 and 114 overall for Cowboys' No. 18 pick for Justin Hunter, WR, Tennessee.)

    The Cowboys are transitioning to the 4-3 base defense and could use a true defensive tackle to go with DeMarcus Ware and Jay Ratliff on a suddenly dangerous defensive line.

    Enter Sharrif Floyd.
    Floyd is a strong player who is exceptional off the line. He consistently beats SEC offensive linemen and can make plays against both the run and the pass. He is a rare defensive player that instantly makes your defensive line a serious threat.

    Floyd’s strengths rely mostly with his motor and technique. Floyd is exceptionally instinctive with his hand placement and knows how to beat offensive linemen.

    Floyd will instantly become the impact player the Cowboys line has been searching for.

    Round 2: Eric Reid, S, LSU
    Height: 6’2”
    Weight: 208 lbs
    Eric Reid in the second is exceptional value. He falls because of the rise of Matt Elam and Kenny Vaccaro.

    Cowboys may need a rangy safety to complement the new defensive scheme they look to inherit. Reid has played his best football when paired with Morris Claiborne and reuniting the two could prove beneficial on multiple fronts.

    The Cowboys have high hopes for Barry Church, but his injury leaves questions and Gerald Sensabaugh isn’t the elite player we all pretend he is.

    Reid was once considered the best deep coverage safety in the draft. His stock took a hit when he lost highly skilled teammates to the NFL draft. He remains a good coverage player who is also an effective player in the box.

    Reid has good instincts and has the skill set to emerge as a playmaker at the safety position.

    Excellent value here.

    Round 3: Montee Ball, RB, Wisconsin
    Height: 5’11”
    Weight: 218 lbs
    A surprise pick here for the Cowboys but one that could prove to be well worth it.

    Montee Ball is a dynamic touchdown machine that has been exceptionally productive in his college career.

    Ball has exceptional vision and acceleration. He maintains a great pad level and is able to keep great balance through his cuts and contact. While Ball doesn’t have blazing speed, he runs effectively and is able to gain additional yards after contact.

    Ball projects as an every down back; he’s effective in every asset of the game and has reliable hands. With DeMarco Murray a liability in the running game due to health, Ball is an excellent option who could end up being a reliable starter.

    Round 3 (From Seattle): Brennan Williams, OT, UNC
    Height: 6’7”
    Weight: 318 lbs
    Brennan Williams was a likely first-round prospect before an injury ended his season.

    The Cowboys could use an upgrade on the right side as Doug Free has lost all ability to play football. The Cowboys would have liked to upgrade the position earlier but value picks presented themselves.

    Williams is a powerful tackle who has consistently improved over his career. He still has a lot to learn but his ceiling is unlimited.

    Williams has good size and utilizes good technique to subdue speed rushers. He uses his body and arms well and has good athleticism to match his above average footwork.

    Williams would require coaching but is talented enough to slide into the right tackle spot immediately.

    Round 4: Alvin Bailey, OG, Arkansas
    Height: 6’5”
    Weight: 320 lbs
    Is anyone tired of Mackenzy Bernadeau yet?

    Well, let me introduce you to Alvin Bailey. Bailey is an underclassman who played well for an underachieving Arkansas football team.

    Bailey is a reliable run- and pass-blocker who has great technique and is rarely overpowered. He has great size and has held his own against some very good SEC talent.

    Bailey’s biggest negative is that he doesn’t dominate opponents. He does well enough to maintain his blocks and can get to the next level, but he doesn’t stymie interior rushers.

    Round 4 (From Seattle): Devin Taylor, DE, South Carolina
    Height: 6’6”
    Weight: 260 lbs
    The Cowboys need to continue to get depth on the defensive line. The Cowboys will have Ratliff, Ware, Hatcher, Lissemore, Crawford and Floyd locked up and Taylor would give an athletic player for the rotation.

    Taylor is a standout speed rusher who makes electrifying plays against both quarterbacks and running backs. Taylor has tremendous size and power. He is one of the best athletes at his position.

    Taylor’s flaw is that he can be overwhelmed at times and can be found not always giving all his effort. It might be that he’s being overshadowed by fellow defensive end Jadeveon Clowney. Taylor’s all-around skill set suggests that he can be a very productive player if his focus remains. He also needs to learn to get off of blocks more efficiently if he wants to be successful against NFL tackles.

    Round 5: Braxston Cave, OC, Notre Dame
    Height: 6’3”
    Weight: 303 lbs
    Cave is an inconsistent player that shows flashes of brilliance and struggle.

    Despite his shortcomings, he’s worth a risk for the Cowboys who need to try something to stabilize the center position.

    Cave is athletic and strong. He has flaws in his technique, but his overall understanding of football keeps him solid in his offense line.

    Cave would likely be a depth player to start and he can also long snap. He would be worth a look for the Cowboys who need something to work out for them late in drafts.

    Round 6: Chris Harper, WR, Kansas St.
    Height: 6’1”
    Weight: 228 lbs
    I believe that Miles Austin is a candidate to be moved. If that’s the case, the Cowboys are going to need an upgrade at receiver.

    Dwayne Harris has shown ability but I think he’s most effective as a slot receiver.

    Harper is an underrated receiver who does everything will. He has decent speed and exceptional size. He was Collin Klein’s favorite target and if you watched any Kansas State games, you know why.

    Harper has good hands, runs solid routes and has a good awareness on the field. He isn’t going to dominate games, but he is going to be extremely reliable in possession situations and will occasionally break long gains.

    Harper is a good flyer for the Cowboys to take. He has very limited risk in the sixth round and has an exceptional ceiling in the right offense.
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    I don't think it gets good tell the forth round.
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    I'll be interested to see how Ball works out. Had a better O Line most of his time in Wisconsin than is here now. Like the Floyd and Harper picks.
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    I usually hate Bleacher Report, but that would be 1 hell of a draft. Not sure I buy Seattle trading up like that, but I can't say I hate any of those picks. Just quality guys all the way down that would all have a shot of getting good PT from day 1.
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    That draft works for me. It's not perfect, but I'm pretty sure we'd have an upgraded roster as a result.
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    I'm not a fan of trades. But wow, that would be a hell of a draft.
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    Love everything but the Ball pick. Get another guard in the 3rd and now we're talking business.
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    Love it. We get the defensive players we need to make the transition to the 4-3, back up RB who could carry the load and the oline is addressed. Sign me up.
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    We already have "cave" manning the entire interior of our OL
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    Sorry guys but Reid isn't falling that far. And I seriously doubt that Seattle would make that trade, especially for a guy like Hunter who isn't elite. Hopefully Te'o falls to us so we can trade back to team who really wants him. Maybe Baltimore, Indianapolis, or Chicago.
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    Not at all a bad mock.

    I like Sheldon Richardson more than Floyd but Floyd may well be the better fit for the run stuffing DT we need.

    Montee Ball would be intriguing here and we absolutely need a 2nd RB who can complement and spell Murray. Only question is value in that 3rd round area. Might be better players there at other positions who'll play every down for you.

    Can't pretend I've seen a lot of Brennan Williams but I do love the high school all-americans as all that pure athleticism helps when you hit the pros and its about beating the guy in front of you. OT does seem deep and the 2nd or 3rd round area would make sense for a ROT to me.
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    I like it. Trades are always hard to predict but this mock is all value. nice work.
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    Not a bad mock at all. Good effort, especially with the trades.

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