Dallas Cowboys draft series: Texas A&M QB Stephen McGee

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Mar 27, 2009.

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    Dallas Cowboys draft series: Texas A&M QB Stephen McGee
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    The fifth in a five-position, 25-player series.

    you can go to the videos on link below on stephen mcgee

    Stephen McGee came to College Station, Texas, as one of the state's best passers. At Class 3A Burnett, McGee did not throw an interception during the 2003 regular season and finished his high school career with 8,256 passing yards. But just as he was becoming comfortable as the A&M starter, then-coach Dennis Franchione fell in love with Florida's spread option, thereby turning McGee into a run-first quarterback. There were some high notes, most notably at Texas in 2006 and at Nebraska in 2007. McGee will be remembered as one of the toughest running quarterbacks in school history -- not to mention one of Franchione's staunchest supporters. But what about that arm? Does he still have it? NFL scouts must be just as curious as A&M fans.

    Note the hard-rockin' version of the Aggie War Hymn in this video.

    Even though McGee didn't get to throw all that much during his college career, he was careful with the football. He completed 485 of 815 passes for 5,475 yards. But the intriguing stats: 28 touchdowns and just 13 interceptions. He can make most of the necessary throws and throw the deep ball with ease, as people like Martellus Bennett can attest. He just simply wasn't allowed to. Again, his toughness while running with the football is a positive. He did rush back from shoulder surgery to compete with Jerrod Johnson in the spring before his senior year. But that injury eventually forced him in and out of the lineup in what became an erratic season.

    NFL scouts could see that Bennett was a talented player being misused in Dennis Franchione's offense. Will scouts draw the same conclusions with McGee? A 6-4 athletic freak with huge hands is one thing. It's quite another to bet on hope. Still, McGee started only three games as a senior. At least one scout isn't convinced, saying that McGee is a thrower instead of a passer because of "flawed technique." He's not a mid-round guy; McGee will get snapped up in the late rounds, most likely.

    In recent days, owner Jerry Jones has indicated an interest in West Virginia's Pat White. Maybe that's something to throw people off track. But let's assume for a minute that Jones does want White so he can possibly implement the Wildcat formation. If that's how Jones is leaning, then he probably won't consider McGee. That's not McGee's strengths. Still, nobody thought anything of Tony Romo when he was on the third team. Maybe that's how McGee's pro career will turn out.

    Texas A&M runs down Texas to snap 6-game series skid Associated Press

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    Meet Stephen McGee, a young man worth rooting for The Mark Up


    NFL Draft Scout

    Tom Brandstater
    Rudy Carpenter
    Rhett Bomar
    Graham Harrell
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    This is the guy I have the team taking in my mock draft.

    I think he'd be a perfect developmental quarterback.
  3. reddyuta

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    i dont see us drafting a QB this season at all-Most likely an UDFA.
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    Is Davis really that daft?

    McGee is a very solid Wildcat prospect.

    He ran a ton in college and showed the toughness to do so but still complete actual passes.

    TAMU never had great talent around him and he didn't hit the expected ceiling for him as an all-american coming out of high school but he flashed plenty of running and passing ability. If you wanted a 3rd QB who could play a few Wildcat snaps plus develop to lead an actual offense over a couple of season he is very intriguing.

    I think McGee is a round 6 guy through and through.
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    I do think that the cowboys will draft a QB, but I dont think it will be McGee, oossibly bomar, or some others, like the arizona QB kid, or the one from washington st. I like boltus too,
  6. Doomsday101

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    I don't see McGee being taken in the draft, he will get a shot as an UDFA
  7. reddyuta

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    why do you think that?.we now have a legitimate backup in Kitna.we dont really need a 3rd QB and any QB drafted will take a spot in the roster and we need all the spots we can have especially with the uncertainties in the OL with the backups.
  8. cowboyjoe

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    you need a young QB to groom for in 2-3 years. Kitna is like 37 now,

    so by the time kitna retires, you need a young qb to be ready for backup role

    next, if you look at what has happened with teams that have had good young backups, they generally get traded

    remember, before the vick thing, the falcons had a young qb, they traded him to houston, green bay has gotten 2-4 draft picks through the last 10 years for grooming young qbs and trading them.

    remember houston traded another young qb to minnesotta this year;

    the cowboys even traded craig morton one year for a high draft choice;

    so yes, you do want the cowboys to draft a young qb to groom him and be ready either as backup qb in 2-3 years or to trade, after you showcase him in a couple of years if he is any good;
  9. cowboyjoe

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    remember about 5 to 7 years ago, we traded a 3rd round draft pick for drew henson, whom best i remember was drafted by houston in the 6th round. So, yes jerry jones traded a 3rd rounder for henson.

    So, see the texans got a higher pick for taking henson, then trading him to the cowboys
  10. reddyuta

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    what you say is right but i get a feeling that after bringing in Kitna the cowboys feel that the backup spot is secure atleast for this year.It might change after the season is over though.
  11. silverbear

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    IMO, this is the year not to draft a QB, opting instead to look at a priority UDFA like Chase Holbrook from New Mexico State, Drew Willy from Buffalo, Greg Micheli from Mount Union, Keith Null from West Texas A&M or Billy Malone from Abilene Christian... one of them might have Tony Romo potential... at the very least, one of them might do well as the 3rd, developmental QB next year...

    The reason I say that is 2010 is the draft that I think the Boys ought to look for the eventual successor to Romo... that will be the year that Tim Tebow, Colt McCoy and possibly Sam Bradford will be featured, and maybe a McCoy would slip to the later part of the first round...

    I'd really, really like to see Colt in a Cowboys uniform...
  12. Chocolate Lab

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    Same here. He's a good all-around athlete and can throw it better than people realize after he rarely got to in Fran's option system.

    But more than anything, he's tough and has some natural leadership qualities. I think that's important in these backup types.
  13. reddyuta

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    is it possible that he might not be drafted?.we can definitely use him as an UDFA.
  14. jterrell

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    With 11 picks and the QB depth of this draft Dallas will draft a QB, I promise you that.

    Dallas tried to get by with undrafted free agents and have a gaping hole at 3rd QB. They realize if they get a solid 3rd QB he will cost a roster spot so they will also use a draft pick and get a guy they think is worth a roster spot. Kitna is maybe a 2 year solution at best.

    Rhett Bomar is a better physically gifted QB than Colt. i am not saying he is a better player but you grab a Rhett Bomar if he is there in that 5th round area. And Bomar is hardly the only example of that. This a good QB class except at very top with elite proven talent. It has a ton of potential NFL QBs and I expect a solid run on QBs in round 5 through 6 where 5 to 7 guys could be selected.
  15. jterrell

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    No. He is rated as high as a 3rd rounder by some services. nfldraftscout ranks him the 106th best player and a 3-4 round prospect.

    He is 6'3", 225 and ran a 4.6 40. He also has a very strong arm and is a tough guy.

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