News: Dallas Cowboys Players Tweets & News, Tried out S Payne, Butler watching Film

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Dec 15, 2011.

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    #Cowboys tried out former #Bears S Kevin Payne today

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    Victor_Butler57Victor Butler
    Watching films...
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    calvinwatkinsCalvin Watkins
    Had a confrontation with a player today I shouldn't have let escalate. I regret not walking away. onward to Saturday in Tampa.

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    On side note, for those if interested Payne is a safety that played for bears, but went to the panthers. Is a big safety, goes about 6-0 220 best I remember and about 4.56 in 40. Possibly cowboys are looking for a safety that can do what church did and in some instances play linebacker in coverages if needed. Thats all i remember about payne.
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    I call BS. Calvin Watkins is and always will be a child when it comes to covering the Dallas Cowboys. His approach to each article and anything outside of it is open season as far as getting under the skins of the Cowboy players.

    Why on earth ESPN would want this hack to cover the team when the team literally cant stand the guy is beyond me.

    "Hey Cal see if you can get a scoop."

    "What? Nobody talks to you?"

    "How come? I mean besides you being a complete and total dirt bag, how come?"


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