Dallas Cowboys Post Season History

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by Hostile, Jan 1, 2008.

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    House money is a good way of looking at it in truth. I felt the exact same way last year when we went to Seattle and then we came this close to pulling it off. Sometimes the house does lose and if you show up with the right cards you just never know. I actually felt last year we matched up better with Chicago than Seattle or New Orleans. I thought if we could get past Seattle by hook or by crook. Turns out the crook may be a Seattle ball boy. Watch 'em like a hawk.

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    The Patriots look like the "Perfect" team to lose their bid for the undefeated season in the playoffs, SuperBowl.
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    Emmitt Smith was the 1st RB to lead the league in rushing and win a Super Bowl.
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    Everyone should go back and watch Dallas' final drive at the end of SB X. On Roger's next to last pass, he went for Percy Howard in the back corner of the endzone. When you see the play from the endzone camera, the ball hits Percy on the top of his helmet. You can see that Percy's attention was on preventing the Steeler D-Backs from intercepting the pass instead of catching the ball. The ball hits his helmet just above the face mask. If he looks up he might have made the catch. Just think, Percy's only catch as a Cowboys was in that same SB and it went for a touchdown. How awsome it would have been if Howard could have caught that second touchdown. :starspin
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    Not just his only catch as a Cowboy; his only catch period. He had 2 kickoff returns, one 31 yards, the other 20 yards, but he never played another season.
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    very good job Hos.....thanks
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    Percy mistimed his leap by a split second.

    It was disappointing, but taking the Steelers to the very last play of the game is nothing to be ashamed of.
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    They just showed the 1981 NFC Championship game on ESPN Classic. :(

    Drew Pearson was so close to breaking it for a TD. And if Danny White doesn't fumble they almost certainly get into field goal range.

    It always amazes me how many Super Bowls the Cowboys were almost in and how close they were to winning the three that they lost. I mean if you think about it, if the Cowboys win one more Super Bowl in the 70s maybe they are the team of that decade instead of the Steelers. Also it is interesting reading about the Ice Bowl. The players from that Cowboys team talk about how the year before they knew that GB was the better team, but that year they were certain they were the better team. With Bob Hayes and others, the Cowboys that year were all about speed on offense. They wake up the morning of the game and their windows are frozen over. With it being so cold the Cowboys' speed advantage was lost and it just became about grinding it out. They were so close to getting to that Super Bowl.

    Oh well, ifs and buts never counted for anything. And hey, even with all the sad days the Cowboys are still the most successful franchise in the NFL.
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    That was indeed one shiny ball. Maybe it's not just the stadium and the fans that give them such a big edge at home.
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    I have no idea and don't subscribe to most conspiracy theories, but vigilance pays off.

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    You sound scared:lmao2:
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    The sad truth is that Dallas has a history of losing a lot in the playoffs. It happened in the 60s when they couldn't beat the Packers and the Browns, then in the 70s when they couldn't beat the Steelers, the 80s when they lost 3 NFC championships in a row, and now this.

    Then again, 5 Super Bowl wins make up for a lot.
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    The truth is the Cowboys have more post season wins than any team, so they must all have a History of losing.


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