Dallas-Miami draft trade idea...

Discussion in 'Fantasy Sports Zone' started by tunahelper, Dec 10, 2007.

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    I like the logic. The secondary is bad. Roy Williams is the reason the secondary is bad. Get rid of Roy and replace him with a guy(Keith Davis) who is worse in coverage(and is due to get shot again). Draft a running back because that helps every secondary.

    I put all that together and I never played college ball.
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    And you were doing so well - obviously you are an idiot.
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    You guys are looking at this wrong. this is Miami we are talking about. We should try to trade a year supply of Bud Light. ;)
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    True that! Out of curiosity, is that the worst trade in NFL history?
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    Who knew Mike Ditka was a member here?
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    People just need to face that Dallas is a Passing team now. We need to build around that, just like Miami will probably build around the run.
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    Duh. Next question?
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    good golly.
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    I have it on good authority that he thinks we can get McGregor from the Redskins.

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    I hear Who Dat wants to make a comeback?
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    Dallas should look at the AFC and ask themselves what they need to take down NE and Indy...these two teams will be tough to pass, especially Indianapolis which is a pretty young team...who knows how long Manning can go...he shows no signs of slowing...and how about Brady?

    To take down these two teams you better be able to pressure, cover and score lots of points...forget the old mantra "defense wins championships"...we are entering a period of offensive dominance and defensive specialization against multiple WR sets...linebackers must be lighter and faster, defensive backs must become ballhawks...the motto becomes "get ahead, make your opponent one dimensional and forget about the running game"...sooner or later, league average offenses will stall while their opponent steps on the gas and eventually cracks the defense...same as we saw yesterday in NE-Pitt...

    The keys for Dallas IMO?...defensive backs with better than average coverage abilities and a stable of good WR's...if Dallas could score a Westbrook type RB with good explosion upfield then i think they become more dangerous...Westbrook was killing NE because of the limitations of Sanders and Harrison in coverage [lined up farther back in the secondary]...

    J. Jones has seen the writing on the wall and he and his agent are wise to the fact that this is a contract season and any injury could jeopardize a future deal...maybe that's the reason for his helter-skelter performances this year...just a thought.
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    come on now...
  14. playmakers

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    Some food for thought here. Between 20{Cle} and 30-32{our pick} here is an average of what we woulf of gotten during the past three years.

    Craig Davis
    Roy Williams
    Eww, give me Mcfadden

    Tamba Hall
    Kelly Jennings
    Roy Williams

    Good players, I like Jennings

    Marcus Spears
    Mike Patterson
    Roy Williams


    Im not saying do it or not but remember our picks arent going to be top 10. The 20-32 picks arent exactly a slam dunk. You know injury free Mcfadden will be a slam dunk. Thats one reason why it makes me go hmmm. Tough call.
  15. CactusCowboy

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    I would do this deal, but get a couple of 2 or 3rd round picks thrown in for us. Carp has shown nothing and Roy a top 10 Safety is debatable. McFadden and Barber would be killer.
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    And then McFadden goes down with a bum knee, and then what? Meanwhile, a FA or 3rd rounder plays SS, and a 4th rounder takes Carp's place on ST, and we hope no linebacker goes down.

    I don't think so.
  18. ethiostar

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    naw, that doesn't happen to players you invest that much in! besides, McFadden is really Superman in disguise, only cryptonite can bring him down.
  19. tunahelper

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    Bet your built like him?

    Huh coach?
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    This stuff is in the wrong forum.


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