Dallas needs to build 1 great line

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CATCH17, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. Galian Beast

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    There is this myth that it takes a long time to put together an offensive line. It isn't true.

    What you need to do is make consistent efforts and investments in offensive line play. It's the engine of your offense.

    We have three guys on our offensive line who probably couldn't start on any teams in the nfl... That isn't a good start.

    In 2005 we wanted to move to the 3-4. What did we do? We drafted 4 players in the first four rounds to fit the 3-4.

    Ware, Spears, Burnett, and Canty. In free agency we signed Jason Ferguson. Even though Burnett did not become a starter, that is 5 moves dedicated towards 7 positions in one off season.

    The next year we drafted two more within the first three rounds.

    We have Tyron Smith. We should draft at least two offensive linemen early, and sign at least one or two offensive linemen in free agency. Simple as that.

    The problem now is that we have a new defensive system to implement, and to do so we need a pass rushing defensive end, a dominant defensive tackle, a pair of wide range safeties, and a sam linebacker.

    I would suggest that we can make due with much of what we already have.

    We can re-sign Ernie Sims to be the sam linebacker, and that should be serviceable with Lee and Carter. We can use Ratliff for one more year, and use a rotation of guys like Crawford and Lissemore. The real issue comes at safety and defensive end. It would have been nice to have kept Adrian Hamilton. So the biggest worry is going to be budget.

    That's why it becomes important to rework Ratliff and Austin. And look into our ability to save money on a guy like Free.
  2. respectdatstar

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    I really think we should take either Warmack or Cooper in the first and then either Barrett Jones, DJ Fluker or the best OT available in the 2nd. I wholeheartedly believe that our D is good enough to get by with what we have. We throw everything we have this off-season into fixing the O. Then, come back next year and throw everything at the D.
  3. IrishAnto

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    Let’s just cancel next year then. :rolleyes:
  4. Sarge

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    OL first please.
  5. SWG9

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    Part of the formula is just using quality draft picks on linemen. Smith is the only OL that we've drafted in the first round since the 80's.
  6. Galian Beast

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    That's what happens when you have some luck in late rounds, you begin to not put a premium on positions.

    The reverse can also happen, if you get bitten once or twice, you can try to avoid it in the future.

    Jerry is in love with the sexy pick, and there is nothing sexy about offensive line picks.

    I'd love to draft 3 linemen in the first four rounds, and then another 2 next year. It's time to show Romo a true commitment.

    With an oline and a running game, romo could play til he is 42. Add a defense and we will rack up championships.
  7. Shinywalrus

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    This is just historical revisionism. Our front 7 was thought to be a strength, with perhaps one weak link at 5T, when we drafted Claiborne. In the years prior, we have been dutiful about spending picks on both lines.

    This has been debunked so many times it hardly bears mentioning. The problem isn't that we don't spend resources on linemen, it's that their record of panning out hasn't been as good as you'd like to see, in general.
  8. Galian Beast

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    That's not quite true.

    We never had elite defensive ends. The only time that we were really considered to have a good front 7 was that year in 2007, 2008 and in 2010. And even that was a bit of a misgiving. When people equated the pass rush of a couple players and our overall ability to stop the run. We still struggled in coverage, and still had a huge problem getting a consistent pass rush.
  9. TheDoctor

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    Offensive and Defensive lineman don't sell merchandise. :cool:
  10. respectdatstar

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    Winning games gets you to the play-offs. As much as people love to hate Jerry, I bet he would prefer not to sell a penny worth of merchandise for a year if it meant we were hoisting the Lombardi in that same year.
  11. sonnyboy

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    Great Post.
  12. Zordon

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    i'd probably start speaking in tongues if we were able to get warmack and fluker in the 1st two rounds. we'd finally get some size and GRIT back on the line. PLEASE get rid of that pansy doug free.
  13. Trajan

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    O-linemen don't sell jerseys.
  14. respectdatstar

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    Maybe they should save money, then, and stop making O-Line jerseys.
  15. sonnyboy

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    Tell me about it. Our 2011 defensive front was a strength of the team. 7th in sacks and run defense.

    Yet we had those who insisted major resources get allocated to it ahead of the Secondary and OL. Same dopes who hated franchising Spencer.:rolleyes:
  16. CATCH17

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    I'm kinda with you. I'd like these guys as our 1st 2 picks.

    I wouldn't mind a safety in the 2nd round either though.

    I do think Barrett Jones has some upside. He did all he did and he just looks like a guy that hasn't come close to reaching his potential in the weight room.

    So are you guys buying this? Sell out on 1 Line unit?

    Or just keep trying to collect the best players at random positions?

    Imagine our first 3 picks being Warmack, Fluker, then Khaled Holmes.
  17. Zordon

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    I think we need to find a balance. Guys like Coleman and Spears need to be weeded out this offseason too. It's up to the front office to find out which area can be addressed using free agency and which one thru the draft. It would help us a TON if matt johnson and jeremy parnell turned out to be players.
  18. Typhus

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    Exactly,, the draft doesnt end after the first round.
  19. Jerryrage

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    2009 draft
  20. fanfromvirginia

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    I am on the 'Trenches + 1' plan, with the 1 being a dynamic free safety.

    It is probably going to take us two off seasons to truly implement it. If we could acquire two starting OL, one DL and the safety this offseason I would be very happy.

    Of course Jerry maybe of an entirely different mind...

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