Dallas should trade for...insert QB name...

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by stilltheguru, Aug 12, 2005.

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    Adrian Mcphearson
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    Thank God we have a real veteran coach in Parcells making the QB decision and not the fans or Jerry Jones, or a Campo type coach.

    Blind Zebra has common sense like Troy said and what Parcells is doing. Be reasonable and give it a little time.

    We've done great with the cap and roster lately and ya'll want to trade other talent on the team, ruin the cap, and mess everything up for your knee jerk impatience.

    It's getting old. I'd love to see these ridiculous comments on other teams forum and then see sound reasoning by Cowboys fans. Then I could be proud of the team AND the knowledgeable wise fans.
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    Next off-season is going to be absolutely critical. The Cowboys need to start looking for wide receivers, safeties, quarterbacks... it's going to be the true bookend to this off-season, and I think in a lot of ways, this team is going to be judged by how they follow up next year
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    When you have faced lsing seasons for so long, and when you see opportunites to get soemthing you think is better, your going to hear somethings like this, now i'm not saying all of this is good but we havent been winning in a long time, your going to hear vrazy things untill we have another Troy aikman, Roger, DAnny, leading us to victories, untill then we will continue to hear these things.
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    No, No and No.
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    This thread should be nuked.

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