Dallas will lose, baby!!!!

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Sonny#1, Sep 22, 2004.

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    The Redskins will roll baby! Why? Several reasons spring to mind.

    Vinnie is playing like it is the Fiesta Bowl, as last weeks 3 picks show.
    The Cowboys best runner is an undrafted dude from Middle Tennessee State.
    The so-called starting RB is an old fossil.
    The biggest star on Dallas (Roy Williams) is not as good as a Redskins rookie (Sean Taylor) and Dallas fans know it.
    The best coach in the NFL roams the Washington sideline.
    The Dallas DB's couldn't cover the Cleveland receivers, much less Coles.
    The Redskins running back is one D.C. Clinton with some really slick moves.
    JKC stadium will be packed full of rabid Skins fans yelling for Cowboy blood.
    The Dallas defensive line is... well, I shouldn't pick on such a pitiful group.

    Don't be fooled by that loss to the Giants, Gibbs will have the team straightened out by Monday night. Are you ready for some football?

    Honestly, Vinnie? Couldn't you do any better than a guy Parcells dug up from the boneyard? Wasn't Scott Brunner available? At RB, isn't Eddie George from a different geological age? He looks like piltdown man. Parcells was smart enough to trade Keyshawn once, what is the problem now? He is Irvin without the talent. Antonio Bryant is perhaps your smartest player. He tried to get off that sinking ship by tossing his sweaty jersey in Parcells chubby mug, but it didn't work. Parcells was desperate enough to realize that he needs a decent receiver. As far as Terry Glenn goes, I guess she is doing okay. Whitten gets his jaw hurt almost as much as Aikman did. Did you see Dallas-reject Eckuban embarass Flozell "Room for rent" Adams? Dat the gnat was so slow on that lucky interception return, he looked like Parcells going to a weight watchers meeting. I have heard that you are all very proud of Terrance "Mr Flag" Newman, your so-called shutdown corner. What a joke. For a real corner, take a look at Shawn Springs! He has overcome the terrible circumstances of his birth to become a terrific NFL player. I'll think of some more later, but for now, suffice it to say that REDSKINS RULE BABY!!!

    How many austin360 guys are here?
  2. SA_Gunslinger

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    apparently this guy hasn't been paying much attention to the last 6 years.

    we OWN washington.

  3. Gaede

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    didn't you guys lose to the Giants last week?
  4. Doomsday101

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    former Austin360 guy and remember you quite well sonny, your predictions over there are about as good as the ones over here. You were wrong then and your wrong now and I'll take great pleasure in watching the Cowboys run over the redskins this coming monday
  5. Champsheart

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    Just come back on Tuesday to give us all the reasons Dallas stomped Washington.
  6. Signals

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    I think the Foreskins are going to be my pick for the survivor contest in week three.

    Last weeks Cowboys game was one of the most boring I've seen in a while. But I still think the Boys will go 12-4.
  7. mullet

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    this is a solid post.... well crafted trash talk. my initial anger quickly calmed to appreciation for some trash talk.

    COWBOYS VS REDSKINS!.... hell, yeah.

    one question:
    who starts over Sean Taylor?
  8. Portland Fanatic

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    I believe it's 13 out of the last 14...Hmmmm...I would say we OWN them.
  9. CoverCorner41

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    We have Washington by the balls and we aint lettin go :D
  10. Tio

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    Time to teach anopther fan a lesson...
    And yet, you guys would be crapping in your pants with joy if you could get him for brunnell straight up...
    and the kins best qb will always be known as a star's brother...
    All I know is williams is an all pro and generally considered the best S ion the game, while Taylor has not started and is in the doghouse.
    Only for two games a year, then he resides in Tex. Stadium.
    Yes, thats why Garcia had a 0.0 rating...

    And some really slick hands too...
    It wil be hard to hear them with more or less a 60-40% ratio in the stadium...
    Especially considering they have outperformed yours...
    Hark, do I hear denial?

    Yes Vinny, the guy that has led the league in passing. You did not just mess with our recieving corps, with a 3 top 10 recievers...And Newman is just about two levels higher than springs. He got flagged once.

    Now, now, go on talking jibberish, when deep down you know, you'll go home monday night spending wondering how tempting that rope is. Only to scream gibbs is back to sleep...
  11. Tio

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    When did we become 49er fans?
  12. CoverCorner41

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    Damn, I wonder if it is possible for an internet owning to actually be painful....

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