Dan Pompei does a good job breaking down the Top Draft Eligible Safeties Prospects

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    1. Rahim Moore, UCLA, 6-0, 202. This athletic player has the ball skills to play free safety. Though he was very productive in 2009, Moore fell off in 2010. He ran a 4.58 in the 40-yard dash at the combine, which did not help his stock. But he was impressive in positional drills, and he plays faster than his timed speed. Moore reads the play and reacts well. He has average size and is not a big hitter, but he usually gets his man on the ground. Some believe he could be a cornerback in a zone scheme.

    2. Jaiquawn Jarrett, Temple, 6-0, 198. Run defense is his specialty. He's a big hitter and a secure tackler. He also has enough athleticism to cover a tight end or some third receivers. A three-year starter, he is average athletically.

    3. Tyler Sash, Iowa, 6-0, 211. A ferocious and powerful hitter, Sash is more of a strong safety. He reads the play well and has quick feet in a short area. Sash isn't the fastest safety, and some offenses could exploit that. He has had shoulder problems and could be a durability risk.

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