Danieal Manning? **Signing with Bengals**

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by CowboysLaw87, Mar 31, 2014.

  1. KDM256

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    Don't see Manning giving the Cowboys a hometown discount as of now. Maybe if other teams don't bite in free agency but I don't see teams chomping at the bits to sign an safety coming off injury with the NFL draft weeks away
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  2. EPL0c0

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    Dallas should just stick with Matt Johnson, THIS will be his yea...oh wait, Matt Johnson just took a deep breath and strained his hamstring, n/m, let's give Manning a look
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  3. LowTech

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    Who's Matt Johnson?

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  4. Richmond Cowboy

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    This is what Matt Johnson progress looks like...

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  5. Alexander

    Alexander What's it going to be then, eh?

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    No. I am not serious. But I bet the team thinks this.
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  6. Zordon

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    sometimes I wonder if Broaddus really works in VR.
  7. Doc50

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    He's from Corsicana and went to Abilene Christian.
    32 yo, 5' 11", 212 #
    Rt tibial frx on 10-13-13; should be recovered.
    Took over Devin Hester's kick return duties in '08 with the Bears.
    Was fined $15,000 for punching Packers' OT Marshall Newhouse in 2012.

    Not a great value at that age with his skills when asking more than 2 mil (he wanted 4 mil at Houston).
  8. Zordon

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  9. DallasDW00ds0n

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    Why ? We might not get to see Peanut Brittle Matt Johnson shatter his legs in the first contact drill and then we miss the opportunity to talk about his potential
  10. Pessimist_cowboy

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    Didn't you hear jerry jones ? " we are set at safety "!
  11. casmith07

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    He's 31. Few years too late.
  12. Rockytop6

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    I think he's another one of those unfounded rumors. lol
  13. NJ22

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    I agree. At the right price we can use him. I am getting frustrated with people talking about rolling with these young safeties. 2 undrafted guys and a 3rd round pick that was a running back 3 years ago. Add talent. if the young guys win the job then good for them.
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  14. dcstands4

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    What you said. ..I really wanted Ryan Clark thought
  15. skinsscalper

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    Dude, Ryan Clark is lie 35 years old. No thanks.
  16. dbonham

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    I feel like a player is more likely to accept a lower salary from a new team after he's been cut. When you're under contract it's an insult to take a pay cut. Fake as those contracts are it's the commitment the team made to the player that they want to go back on. Once you get cut, getting lowballed by another team is just business.

    I really wanted Jonathan Joseph and Manning the year we got Carr- Joseph has fallen off a cliff but I haven't heard of anything about Manning's play declining apart from his injury. Wouldn't if be funny if this was the year Matt Johnson was going to break out and ends up stuck behind a 32 year old
  17. renny

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    Matt Johnson is his own progress stopper!
  18. xwalker

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    Thanks for posting. It's nice that if anything happens that it usually gets posted here.

    He was a starter in Chicago. He and Marinelli's time there overlapped in 2010 amd 2011.
  19. tm1119

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    If we are signing former Marinelli safeties I'd rather go after Major Wright.
  20. CyberB0b

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    He works there, but it isn't like he is the mouthpiece for the FO. He knows about as much as anyone outside of the organization knows, maybe less, as he probably doesn't have a lot of contacts.

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