Daniel Jeremiah NFL Mock Draft 2.0

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by RS12, Feb 8, 2013.

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    PICK NO.

    Ansah had a poor week of practice at the Senior Bowl, but he made up for it with a dominant performance in the game. He is still incredibly raw, but he has the tools to develop into a double-digit sack artist at the next level.

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    Daniel Jeremiah actually was a scout and I imagine has a pretty good list of contacts. Needless to say I was surperised by this pick.

    While the Rams with two first rounders can afford to gamble, I am wondering two things. 1) How good can he be? 2) Will he be there at 47, looks like he may be rising and there is a dearth of good O Lineman right now in the league, meaning I expect run on O Linemen.
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    I'm not too surprised. I'm more surprised that other draft sites/analysts have not had him ranking higher.
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    Agreed. Watson was one of my pet cats but I am amazed at how quickly and how high he is rising. The guy has barely 2 years of football experience, at any level. One year at JC and another year with FSU.

    He is extremely athletic and has the frame to get much bigger. He can run and play in space. He is light on his feet probably due to his basketball background. Has boxing experience too so has naturally heavy hands.

    He is the dreaded P word - potential, because he is so raw. He is smart, coachable and has a great work ethic but he lacks football instincts because the game is so new to him and he's a Brit. Should be more likely to succeed in a zone blocking scheme.
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    but I can't see Floyd going third
    and before Lotulelei
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    I went back and reviewed some Florida State games that I had saved on TIVO when I was "scouting" their DEs.

    I have one word for Menelik Watson: Wow.

    You expect the athleticism from a from a Basketball player; however, you would normally expect them to be lacking in strength/power. This is definitely not the case for Watson. He is very powerful and as expected very athletic. In addition, he is not nearly as raw as you might expect for a player with only 2 years of football experience.

    I would love for the Cowboys to get him. He could compete with Parnell at RT and if Parnell wins the job as I expect (I expect Parnell to beat just about any rookie that might come in) then Watson would make an excellent OG that could move back to OT at anytime.

    It would be great if he was available at #47, but that's beginning to look doubtful.
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    TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Menelik Watson's multi-sport odyssey has taken around the globe the past five years. And now his next step appears to be the NFL.

    Florida State's junior right tackle has just 20 games of football experience, but Watson has indicated to friends that he will opt to leave school early for the NFL draft.

    His path to the NFL is among the most unlikely. Watson grew up playing basketball in Manchester, England, before later moving to Spain to play for a youth team. And after two years of basketball at Marist, he took up football for the first time at a junior college in California before becoming a sought-after recruit who chose Florida State.

    He allowed just one sack in 12 games for the Seminoles in 2012, helping protect quarterback EJ Manuel and paving the way for an offense that accumulated more than 6,500 total yards.

    Watson never saw himself as a football player, but he could soon be playing professionally. He was a rugby fan, although he never had enough money to play the sport, and a basketball player who was 6-foot-6 and more than 300 pounds.

    He landed in the U.S. at Marist and often took a break from studying and playing basketball to watch the football team.

    "Even when I was young, people used to always tell me, ‘When you go to America, people are going to make you play football,' " Watson said after Florida State's win over Northern Illinois in the Orange Bowl. "And I said, ‘I ain't going to play football. I don't like it.' I was a rugby guy. At Marist, I used to go to the football games there, and I knew I could play the sport. I just needed the right coaching."

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    That's an interesting read man. Thanks.

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