Darnell Bing: How come his name hasn't been mentioned at Safety?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by jsd27, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. jsd27

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    Has he worked out yet? Almost everything I've read is that he has great ball skills and is a big playmaker. He'll be there in first or possibly even second RND.

    DARNELL BING - USC - 6-1 220

    This talented junior looks like a lock to enter the 2006 NFL Draft. Bing is simply put the prototype possessing many of the qualities of past Trojan Safeties like Mark Carrier and Ronnie Lott, but is bigger and faster than both at just under 220 and a prep sprinter with personal bests of 10.6 in the 100M and 21.8 in the 200M. If he stays healthy and has the kind of monster year many expect he could go in the first half of round 1. He reminds me actually more of former UCLA Sateties Ken Easley and Matt Darby. He originally signed with USC in 2002, but did not qualify for admission, so he attended Long Beach (Calif.) City College in 2002 as a part-time student (he didn't play football there). He won almost every award in high school under the sun. He was a 2001 Parade All-American, Super Prep All-American, Prep Star All-American, Tom Lemming All-American, Max Emfinger All-American, USA Today All-USA second team, Super Prep Elite 50, Prep Star Dream Team, Super Prep All-Farwest, Prep Star All-Western Region, Long Beach Press-Telegram Best in the West first team, Tacoma News Tribune Western 100, Orange County Register Fab 15 first team, Las Vegas Sun Super 11 first team, Cal-Hi Sports All-State first team, All-CIF Southern Section first team, All-CIF Division I first team, Los Angeles Times All-Southeast/South Coast first team and Long Beach Press-Telegram Dream Team first team honoree as a senior at Poly High in Long Beach (Calif.) After enrolling at USC in the spring of 2003, Bing easily won the job at strong safety as a first-year freshman in 2003. Overall in 2003 while starting all 13 games, he had 69 tackles (fourth on USC), including 2 for losses of 3 yards, plus a fumble recovery, 2 interceptions that he returned 34 yards (17.0 avg.) and 5 deflections. He made the 2003 The Sporting News, Scripps/Football Writers Association of America Freshman All-American first team, Collegefootballnews.com and Rivals.com Freshman All-American first teams and All-Pac-10 honorable mention squad, as well as being named to the 2003 The Sporting News Pac-10 All-Freshman first team (and he was Defensive Freshman of the Year). This giant playmaker has all the physical talent you could ever want in a safety and his potential is just unbelievable. He is very young and raw and needs to develop the mental aspects of his game. If Bing continues to improve his game and decides to turn pro, he could very well be the first safety off the board in the 2006 or 2007 NFL Draft; he has first round talent and pro bowl potential.
  2. Chocolate Lab

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    I put a post up about Bing on another board... Pat Kirwan was saying the other day that he thought he'd be a good fit for us. Pat believed he was actually better as a deep cover safety than as the box safety he's known as being.

    I don't know if he's right about that, but he was a former NFL GM...
  3. CowboyWay

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    No way we use our number 1 pick on a safety. That would be 2 number one picks on safety and one for Corner. Thats alot vested into our secondary. Our early picks will be for O lineman. Maybe, just maybe that whittier kid for safety in the second round, but no way the first.
  4. Bizwah

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    I read that too. I'd take him in a heartbeat in round two. Of course, if he runs well on his Pro-Day, then there's no way he's there.

    Plus, USC safety?

    Usually, don't go wrong with that.
  5. CalCBFan

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    One of those Mock drafts someone posted links to yesterday has us taking Bing in the 3rd round...
  6. Hiero

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    horrible cover skills. he doesnt fit here we dont need another SS we have like 3 of thoes.
  7. Bizwah

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    Again, that's not what the scouts have been saying....According to Kirwin.
  8. jsd27

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    I watched quite a few USC games, mostly because I really like, and hope we draft, Dwayne Jarrett next year (if he comes out). I think Bing is good in coverage. He could play either FS or SS IMO. On top of that, just about every scouting report I've read says that he's very well rounded and play the run and pass very well.
  9. Letemburn

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    Cant cover.....
  10. jfell99

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    As a USC season ticket holder i've seen every play in Bing's college career, and the idea that he's inadequate in coverage is completely false. He's great in the box, but consistently did a great job shutting down the other teams tight ends, and seemed to always come up with the big interception to close the game. (See Fresno State).

    He's a playmaker, pure and simple, and would be a gift from the football god's in the 2nd.
  11. the kid 05

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    UGH i rember he single handly blew usc chance at the Nat Champion ship this year when he was a complete moron and hit Vince young late out of bounds giving them a fresh set of downs---i wont want someone who makes careless mistakes like that....but unless it brings UT another NAt Championship :smile:

    SALADIN Jumper

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    Because (everyone know) a 'Strong Safety' can't cover. :rolleyes:

    Bing is a football player who will probably go, as a steal, to some team in the mid 2nd or 3rd.
  13. jsd27

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    Good info from a season ticket holder. Thanks jfell99. I'm sold if you are.
  14. K-DOGG

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    Because he is a strong safety and not a free safety!
  15. ddh33

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    As mentioned, Pat Kirwan is very high on him and believes that he is a great fit in Dallas. Kirwan has said that several times.

    I do believe that perception sometimes gets the best of a lot of fans. After something is said for so long, people just assume it to be true.

    Admittedly, I didn't watch a ton of USC games, but when I did, I thought Bing was always around the ball. He was always making plays - including deep balls in the air. So if he's the guy, I won't complain.
  16. WilmingtonHeel

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    Basically the reviews have been mixed looks like. If he runs well which I think he will, 2nd round would be good value for him. Yes he is the forgotten man at safety he's a talented kid and I've heard the same things about his coverage skills they are good
  17. Bob Sacamano

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    like Bill doesn't like young QBs, he wants to win now, screw the future, Al Johnson gets pushed back on every play, ROy is horrible in coverage, Troy Polamalu is so much better in coverage than ROy

    I could go on :)
  18. Reed

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    ill say it again, i havent brought his name up in a while, but anthony smith would be a great addition if he is still available in the 3rd round, hes going to be a player
  19. Bob Sacamano

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    I think Daniel Bullocks could be one of the best safeties to come out in this draft
  20. the_h0wey

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    Be a nice pick up for sure, and with a few teams signing safeties during FA he could possibly fall to us in the 2nd. As much as I would love for our draft to look like this....

    Round 1: Bobby Carpenter
    Round 2: Darnel Bing

    .... it is a major long shot and I think their is no way he will fall into our laps in the 2nd

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