Darren Mcfadden

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Halen88, Jun 29, 2007.

  1. Laker24diehard

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    We should of had Steven Jackson! WE should not be arguing over this dumb runner in jj. he sucks and steven would have been our premier back! Stupid parcels and jones!
  2. CrazyCowboy

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    Jackson would of be nice for sure.....dang it!
  3. dallasfan

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    Wouldn't hurt so bad if Marcus Spears can devlop into a force on defense.
  4. MCowboys

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    Man that would suck if we drafted McFadden and he turned out to be terrible like Thurman Thomas. Oh wait...
  5. dallasfan

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    But Thomas was older right? It's not like TT beat Sanders out every year, Thomas was the upperclassmen, and Sanders probably wouldn't have started even if it was obvious he was better.
  6. tknox35

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    Am I the only one who thinks McFadden is more of just an athlete than a great halfback prospect? I'm not positive, but wasn't he a QB in high school?

    The learning curve for a RB isn't very high compared to most other positions, but it's still there. When I watch him I see an unpolished RB with incredible physical gifts. I rarely see him wait for his blocking to develop. There have been a few times where if he didn't just rely on his incredible speed and waited for daylight (as opposed to just blazing around) he could have had even more huge runs. He's going to need to be coached up in the pro's before he truly harnesses his ability.

    Personally, I think Adrian Peterson (injuries aside) at Darren's level of experience was a better pro prospect because he was so well-rounded.

    That said, I think everyone needs to just play wait and see on this. I wouldn't complain if he has another season like he's been having and the 'Boys pick him up... but there are A LOT of things that need to happen for that to go down. He, to me (from what I've seen), looks like one of the most physically gifted backs I've ever seen and has a huge amount of potential, but when you get up to the big boys... potential means squat *insert obligatory reference to 500 running back busts*.

    Just my 2 cents...

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