Darren Mcfadden

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Halen88, Jun 29, 2007.

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    Kiper is an idiot. I on the other hand am not. :)
    This isn't the point I made Mr. Kiper ;) :p: Check again.
    No Mr. Kiper, McFadden (like Peterson) runs by most of them. My point was he won't be doing that in the NFL. On the other hand, Peterson CAN and DOES run them over, McFadden on the other hand (over 90% of the time) will go down after first *REAL* contact. While everyone keeps saying "I only watch highlight reels to prove my point" That is not true, but it damn sure is a tell tale sign. I again point to the YouTube highlight reels. How many times did McFadden remain upright after he made hard contact with a defender? How many times did Peterson. That my friend WILL translate to the NFL. Running by everyone won't. Mr. Reggie Bush didn't run by near as many people as he did in college. Nor will McFadden.
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    Well, while you have your crystal ball out, what will be our record next year?? How will Romo do?? We going to the Super Bowl or what. I mean, save us all the drama and tell us now. :)

    All I'm saying is neither have played a down in the NFL, so it is hard for you predict what will translate well in the NFL. There have been many a physical bruising runner who didn't make it big in the NFL.

    Yes, Darren has a unique style, with his only NFL comparison being Eric Dickerson without the high knee kick and maybe just a little Tony D. But just because it is different doesn't mean it will automatically fail.

    Honestly, I don't see Darren having as good of year this year cause of outside influences going on with that team, so I figure his stock might actually drop a little.
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    I feel the Cowboys will be 13-3, but with room for error: 12-4 (baring injuries)

    The losses will be to New England, Minnesota, Philadelphia, and the forth will be a surprise loss.

    Romo: Att: 490, 332Comps, 67.7% Comp%, 24TDs, 15 INTs, 4,200 yards with a 97.8 QB rating. :)
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    I am curious as to how he might compare to Adrian Peterson. I haven't seen him play. Thoughts anyone?
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    You still haven't addressed his point. Sure NFL players are faster than college players, so McFadden will have a harder time running by all of them.

    At the same time though, NFL players are also bigger, stronger, and better tacklers than college players. So Peterson will have a harder time running through them.

    The bottom line is you don't know how either of them will do in the NFL. Anyone who says right now that "There is no question Peterson is the better back," is either a ridiculous homer or hasn't watched McFadden play.
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    You are right. Both will have a harder time in the NFL. This is true for all running backs, so what is your point? I said McFadden won't make the transition to the NFL, meaning he won't be anywhere near the same player in the NFL. (dominating) He will not make it better than Peterson will anyhow. Peterson is stronger, the both are reported to have 4.38/40 speed, and Peterson has far better balance as can be seen in any of the highlight or better yet, compare the entire games! Don't just homer McFadden, I don't homer Peterson, because I'm not a homer. My college allegiance is TCU and then Texas. Oklahoma is a hated rival of Texas. :rolleyes:

    I report it the way I see it. I'm not the one wearing the homer glasses here.
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    Mcfadden is awesome, I rate him higher than I rate Peterson. both are very good college players and both are obviously great athletes but I think Mcfadden is the better player. his running ability is clearly his best threat but the recieving, passing and problems he creates for oppsosing defences is why I think he will be the better NFL player.
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    Watch the Brownies go an amazing 10-6 and lose in the first round of the playoffs. :mad:
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    I can see the Browns tank in the first half of the season and everyone here getting happy; then pick it up the second half. Remember BUFFALO? Then we will end up drafting freaking a Marcus Spears clone and have high hopes on him.
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    He's better. ;)
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    He's a downhill runner with tremendous upper body strength. Good vision. Makes tacklers miss. Can also throw and catch. Works hard and is a good teammate, student, and person. Needs to get bigger and stronger in his lower body.
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    Sorry for getting in on this a bit late. I most likely didn't watch Arkansas as much as a lot of you. Though I was fortunate to catch a few games and of course the highlights.

    A few pieces of this argument:
    1. On the "McFadden is great because the other team knows he's going to be the offense." A counter argument is Troy Davis who had 2- 2000 yard seasons for Iowa State. Wasn't an NFL player of any note. Counter argument #2: If he's so good, then what does that mean about Felix Jones who had more yards per carry on a still respectable 150+ carry season? Isn't it possible that the RB success is at least partly scheme? Of course it is possible that Jones might actually be the better back. Starting doesn't mean better - see Barry Sanders sitting behind Thurman Thomas at Oklahoma State.

    2. "McFadden is fast and strong and elusive." Counter argument: So was Lawrence Phillips, Kijana Carter, and a whole lot of other backs. There is more to being a great NFL back than measurabbles. Even backs that look like they have tons of heart in college simply don't once they get paid: See Rashan Salaam, Ricky Williams, Curtis Enis, or Ron Dayne.

    Basically, this is one of those "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" type arguments. Personally, I don't know what to think of him right now. I would say I'm a little concerned that he's a system back as evidenced by the success of the entire team in running the ball (6 guys with 6+ ypc). But I think this year will be very telling as to what kind of a player he really is and what he can be as a pro.

    David Harrell - Pokes
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    Other than Reggie Bush, I don't think I have ever seen a RB with Mcfaddens' level of explosiveness and pure speed. I see his suttle elusiveness when needed, but he doesn't seem to need it much.

    This kid is just Dynamite! He gets around corners and blows by defenders with an angle on him like no one I've seen. Whats really impressive is his power, when he's at full speed the momentum he generates seems to blow up the defender. Who ever said he goes down easy is full of it, he's barrelling over guys.

    Who knows if we get a chance to draft him, but I can't see how anyone can watch this kid and not have their Jaw drop.
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    What's your point? Should we not ever draft a fast, strong, and elusive RB who puts up a lot of yards in college? That seems like a sensible argument.
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    If we draft McFadden he will be the guy. He'll split carries early in his career, but I suspect Marion Barber would eventually get phased out.
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    If you could get a guy to simply replace Jones' carries and get an extra yard per carry out of them (which is very doable), that would increase our rushing rank (in terms of YPC) from 15th to tied for 6th. That translates into more first downs, more TOP, and more scoring. That's absolutely worth a top 5 pick.

    At the same time, it would extend both Marion's and McFadden's careers significantly.
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    why should i compare the entire games? you haven't.
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    But if McFadden is avergeing 5.1 ypc, wouldn't you give him more carries? How can you justify giving another back 135 carries? And you still need to get the WRs their touches, so MB III would end up being the odd man out.
  19. theogt

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    You can justify it by giving him a rest and keeping him healthy for the playoffs and future years.

    If Barber continues to put up around 5.0 YPC it's not like there'd be a significant drop off.
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    But Barber isn't the home run threat that McFadden is. If McFadden come in and gets Jones carries (267) and avereges 1 more ypc (Jones was 4.1), I'd be upset thinking McFadden could've been 5.5+ypc, if the coaching staff kept him in the game more. And it's not like I'm talking about a Larry Johnson/Eddie George/Jamal Anderson type work load, cause we have the passing game to prevent this.

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