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    Garrett puts his stamp on this team with this draft?

    Yeah, I think he does. I heard a story that Jerry was raving to a friend about Garrett and the way he’s run things since taking the HC job, and the friend asked him “Is there anything about Garrett so far that you didn’t expect?”, and Jerry said “Yeah, he’s a lot more stubborn than I thought he would be”. Stephen backed that up the other day by saying that Garrett is very opinionated about what he wants from his players”, and I think that’s good. He knows what types of players he wants on his team, and what better time to do that than during the draft? From all reports Jason has been very diligent, very firm and asks a lot of questions in working with the scouts, and I think that approach imprints his expectations on the scouts. I think his persona in the draft room is going to be a lot closer to Bill Parcells than Wade Phillips.

    Do you think sometimes Jerry gets caught up in making the sexy moves and makes a lot of trades just for the sake of making trades to show everyone he’s a real football guy? Or do you think he makes moves because he truly believes they’re the right moves.

    I think he truly believes he’s making the right moves, but sometimes I think he makes compromised decisions because he’s just not making decisions with purely football in mind, but also with marketing. I think that’s the reason he’s never drafted an offensive lineman in the first round, because it’s not a sexy pick and it’s harder to market it to the fans. It’s never distilled down to “What is the best pure football decision here?”, so tiebreakers come down to peripheral issues and not pure football issues. I think generally he leaves things to the football peoples, but there is some chaos there where Jerry does randomly swing in and break ties.

    Goose is amazing on predicting the draft, but if all these QBs go that high is amazing isnt’ it?

    That’s what Jerry and Tom Ciskowsi and Stephen were talking about earlier this week … there’s going to be a lot of QBs taken high, and there’s a lot of opportunities there for them to take out. Everyone has predicted the top 2 QBs will be off the board, but what if three QBs are off the board by the time the Cowboys pick and everyone knows that Washington is going to take a QB with the next pick at 10? There’s going to be a lot of calls to trade into that #9 pick, Dallas will be very resceptive in listening to them, especially if they have a several guys kinda graded equally at that spot, which from what I hear is the case.

    Which of the QBs do you like the best?
    There’s really not a clear cut guy. I always go back to “What were people saying 2-3 months ago?”. Well back then people said Cam was a Tebow type of project that you take at the end of round 1, and now he’s the #1 pick in the draft? People a few months ago were saying Andy Dalton was a nice 2nd round player, and now some say he’s going in the Top 15? I guess I like Gabbert the best. Other than Patrick Peterson, who every team loves, I don’t think there is really a player in the draft who any team is going to move up to get other than a QB.
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    Thanks for the recap.

    I think a lot of us were figuring five to six QBs taken in the first round but not five in the top 15.
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    This makes me think the Cowboys very well could draft Castonzo, though I'm sure that if they do go that direction, they will trade back before doing it. Considering the Cowboys are getting boat loads of trade back offers, that very well maybe what they are looking to do.

    This is what I think happens, the Cowboys DO in fact trade back to somewhere around 14. At that point they will draft either Smith if he is there, otherwise they take Castonzo. The reason I don't think they take a DE is because this draft is stacked with a lot of them. With all the QBs possibility going early, the Cowboys may look to trade back up after the QBs are gone to take a DE or another OL.
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    :hammer: Precisely the problem with this team for years.
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    Just shows how dumb so many teams are if they take 5 of these scrub QBs in the first rd.
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    I agree some are going higher than they should, but I can see why it is happening. Between the labor issues, so many teams lacking a QB, and the fact that this draft has some major holes in several positions. QB, DL and OL are the where most of the talent is. Sometimes you have to combine talent and need then take what is there.

    It's not necessarily that they are domb, it's that they don't have many options to pick from.
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    best news i have heard
    i would take JG over JJ every day of the week and twice on sunday

    discipline and accountability
    that is what we need on this team

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