David Pollack (Must be out#1)

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Sandman, Jan 1, 2005.

  1. Sandman

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    David Pollack is the single most disruptive player in the draft this year, if Dallas (who is looking for play makers) does not draft him, it's a hugh mistake! He showed today the difference between himself and Eraser from Wis...We need Pollack!

    BTW: If boys draft Davis (FS) from Ga and Odell (LB), it wouldn't be a bad way to use the second #1 AS WELL...
  2. DIAF

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    Davis is a Strong Safety. Last thing we need is 2 SS that dont cover as well as you would like.
  3. Chuck 54

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    before determining draft status on one game, I'm sure coaches and scouts will look at who was doing the blocking and what schemes were used to block each DE, along with an entire season of games.
  4. speedkilz88

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    I don't see him going in the first. He looks a lot like Dan Klecko with a size/speed limitation. That could drop in the 2nd-4th area. He also isn't the speed rusher that the Cowboys need. He may need to bulk up to be a DT or slim down and try to be a OLB in the Kevin Greene/Bryce Paup mold.
  5. Shotgun Dave

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    Pollack not going in the first round?

    Did you watch that game? I've watched Pollack all year (I'm from GA) and he's been a constant force in the backfield. He WILL go in the first and today's play may make him the top DE taken PERIOD.

    I'd put $100 on it - POLLACK WILL GO IN THE FIRST.
  6. DIAF

    DIAF DivaLover159

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    You're nuts if you think David Pollack is a 2nd-4th round pick. He's definitely a 1st rounder in this draft, maybe not a top 10 pick, but definitely in the 10-20 range.
  7. lwehlers

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    i also believe he will be a top 15 pick. i just wondering if he will be the right player for our defensive scheme. now if we go to a 3-4 full time it might be a different story. in a 4-3 base we might have to move ellis to the right which i remember right in training camp did not work to well. i really liked pollack and the they way he rushed the qb today. it was really the first whole game i have seen him play.
  8. Nors

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    Pollack is a surefire #1, top 10 a possibility
  9. Bobo

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    There's plenty of good de's in this league his size. He's not a big DE, but how do you expect him to go to DT? He doesn't have a good frame for that. He tried to add weight last year, and you could tell it was mostly in the gut. I believe he was listed around 275-280. Now maybe he could be a 3-4 OLB.

    I expect him to go in the 1st, but you never know, could drop to the 2nd. Those types of unexpected things happens. But rnd 3 or 4? No way man.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    Pollack is OK but I just don't love him. I would actually rather see Davis at the OLB in a 3-4 then Pollack. JMO
  11. Nors

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    Pollack OLB
    Davis FS

    Canty - DE in 2

    Day 2 -

    Goo Wallace - LB
    Anthony Bryant - DT
  12. Derinyar

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    If the kid from BC declaires andeveryone grades out right at the combine, Pollack probably slides to the end of 1 based on size concerns and higher talent upside from other players.
  13. Nors

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    We nab him with our late 1 thats a score. I have no concerns - he's unblockable on the edge. He was getting doubled all day.

    We get Derrick Johnson, Pollack in One.

    Canty, Anthony Bryant, Goo Wallace later in draft and we have youth and talent on D.
  14. boysfanindc

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    Don't hear a lot of people talking about Canty. He was a absolute beast for the Cavaliers before getting hurt. If the doctors clear him, he could be a steal later in the draft.

    He has rd 1 talent, if he can recover fully from his injury.

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