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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Typhus, Apr 8, 2012.

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    There is always that player, every year, that slips through the cracks of the NFL evaluation and ends up being a quality player.

    Who is your guy?

    I would love to draft this kid anywhere from our extra 4th to last pick if he lasts that long.

    Ryan Broyles WR - OU

    Reached 100 career receptions faster than any player in school history ... career ranks at OU: 206 receptions (No. 1), 3,429 receiving yards (No. 1), 35 TD receptions (No. 1), 998 punt return yards (No. 3), 4,634 all-purpose yards (No. 5)

    This young gun will make us all forget about loosing Robinson... perfect fit in the slot in this offense IMO.

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    Phillip Blake (OC)
    Derek Wolf (DT)

    i would take both with our 2 4th picks and be happy
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    Broyles will go late 3rd round.
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    Wolfe wont make it to round four. He is one of the guys who's combine numbers were great along with his actual on field production instead of just either one or the other. He is going in round three.

    For the my dream mock I have us taking Wolfe in round 3 and Broyles in round four........think he is the slot receiver we have been looking for for years!

    Heres a great site for combine numbers, how players stack up to other players of the same position..

    Check out what Wolfe did in the Shuttle and the three cone drill. NICE for a man his size. His bench was up there too.

    All these things matter much more than a 40 yard dash time. Players at his position play the game in 10 yard increments,...... Not running full bore for 40 yards in a straight line.

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