News: DC: Broaddus: Play-Calling Outstanding, Execution Flawless

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    Last Monday night, I had the good fortune of being invited by Brad Sham to sit in with him and DeMarco Murray[​IMG] on The Cowboys Hour radio show from the Gaylord Texan Hotel. Murray has always been a quiet guy to me, and on that night he didn't say very much. But you could see in his body language that he was hurting from the game played the previous day against the Chiefs.

    Murray wasn't physically hurting, but you could tell that the problems that the offense had that day running the ball were weighing on him. As I prepared to get ready for this matchup against the Rams, the opportunity to sit with Murray had me thinking that he was going to play this game with a huge chip on his shoulder. If Murray was going to have to carry this team running the ball, he was going to do it. There was no doubt about it to me.
    After studying the Kansas City game, I just felt that head coach Jason Garrett and offensive coordinator Bill Callahan would have to become more creative in the way they set up plays in the running game. It was not that I was against the zone scheme, but to just try and stretch the defense and make a cut was not going to help this offense consistently rush the ball.

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    That's keep the play calling outstanding and the execution flawless.

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