News: DC.COM: 5 Years Later, Futures Of Jones, Mendenhall Remain Uncertain

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    By Jonathan Auping

    IRVING, Texas - The 2008 NFL Draft might have been the last great running back heavy draft. It was loaded with talented rushers. The draft has already produced one 6,000-yard rusher, one 5,000-yard rusher, two 4,000-yard rushers and another player who has already rushed for 41 touchdowns.

    The Cowboys and Steelers had back-to-back first-round picks in that draft and both selected running backs. Unfortunately for them, neither selected any of the five running backs mentioned above.

    With the 22nd pick Cowboys chose Felix Jones[​IMG] out of Arkansas and with the very next pick the Steelers drafted Rashard Mendenhall out of Illinois. They were the third and fourth running backs selected in the draft after Oakland took Darren McFadden with the fourth overall choice and Carolina grabbed Jonathan Stewart with the 13th overall pick.

    Many people claim that the Cowboys selected Jones based on Jerry Jones’ connection to the University of Arkansas, but the fact is that Felix Jones and Mendenhall were projected by most people to be the next two running backs selected after McFadden and Stewart. Plus, Felix Jones was the first Arkansas player ever drafted by Jerry Jones, a former Razorback player himself.

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    I liked Mendenhall in the draft better than Felix but in hind sight we chose correctly and they are clearly a tier down from the first two(barring injuries). I think Felix has a couple of years left and if we can sign him reasonably, we know he is a good team guy unlike Mendenhall. If not look to the draft for a replacement.
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    Felix was a bad pick and he was Garrett's pick. I think Wade wanted Chris Johnson. They should not have drafted any RB in the 1st after just signing Barber to that huge contract.

    Felix needs to move on. Showing up to camp out of shape is a clear sign he is not dedicated to this team or football. We need more "football" players and not "potential" football players.
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    I'm ambivalent about Felix. If he can get a decent contract elsewhere I'd wish him good luck. If we can get him on the cheap then I'd consider resigning him but I'm leaning on just looking for a RB in the draft or UDFA.

    I'd like a Darren Sproles kind of back. I like Murray as the number one back then a backup followed by a scat back.
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    Bye Felix

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