News: Austin Limited; Says Hamstring's OK

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    Austin Limited; Says Hamstring's OK
    Rob Phillips Staff Writer

    IRVING, Texas – Wide receiver Miles Austin (hamstring) went through a limited portion of practice Wednesday for the second time this week, but says he's feeling good as Sunday's season opener at the Jets approaches.

    Austin missed the final three preseason games – including the Sept. 1 finale in which most starters sat – due to a sore hamstring that he re-tweaked in practice on Aug. 24.

    "Taking it day by day, getting ready one day at a time to play in this first game," he said. "It's obviously a big one getting the season started. We're all ready and getting going."...
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    Now Laurent Robinson has a hamstring injury :bang2:
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    He WAS injury prone.....especially in the hamstrings. Not sure HOW WELL we're (1) stretching guys out before warming up for practices or whether the players are properly (2) 'hydrating with electrolytes'. I played 3 sports until age 38 but rarely got pulls or strains except when I didn't do the above two steps properly and/or forgot WHY I never got pulls. Even when I began coaching, I put a very strong focus on stretching and hydrating with electrolytes. The last step was to run through various drills to warm up the leg muscles which may give the player an indication that something is not right. There was NO reason to have someone go FULL SPEED if their body didn't feel right in any of the warm up drills.

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