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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, May 8, 2012.

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    Posted by bbroaddus at 5/8/2012 10:05 AM CDT on

    For the last three months I have done nothing but break down college players for the NFL Draft. Many of those thoughts I have shared with you on and our internet shows. For the next few days I am going to focus on the free agents that the club signed during the free agency period and how they will fit into the plans for the 2012 season.

    There were three cornerbacks that teams were studying hard before free agency opened: Brandon Carr, Brent Grimes and Cortland Finnegan. Each player has their unique style in the way they play. Carr is a press-man player, Grimes is more technically sound and Finnegan is the type of guy you would like to play in the slot. Grimes was given the franchise tag by the Falcons so he was taken off the market, and teams were left to work between Carr and Finnegan. The St. Louis Rams hired Jeff Fisher as their head coach, so there were many in the league who believed Finnegan would get an offer from his former coach at the Titans to help the struggling Rams secondary. That offer came, leaving Carr for the Cowboys to deal with, but all along he was their first choice.

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    I would think Claiborne would be the better fit on the left side in the long run. He should be the #1 CB on the team.
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    Plus, Carr has played primarily on the right. Use the guy to his strengths and let the rook slide right into that #1 role.
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    I presume that Broaddus, or whoever writes on his behalf, isn't much of a writer. Because what he just said above is that the staff thinking its a pass coverage problem not a pass rush problem is WRONG!

    I'd be surprised if Broaddus would say that since he's now on the Cowboys payroll.

    Though I'm sure Risen Star considers it a Freudian slip. ;)
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    It was more on the DB than on the rush but both are culpable.
  6. MichaelWinicki

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    When you're 7th in sacks but 23rd in pass defense...

    Well, I think that should tell even the most football naive what the real problem was with the Cowboy defense.
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    No editing? Hmm
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    LOL! I had the same thought !
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    Did you watch any of the games down the stretch? Especially the division games. Eli Manning and Michael Vick could have had cups of coffee with the amount of time they had in pocket. No matter how good their secondary is, if that doesn't get better, they will still be mediocre to bad defense
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    LOL You obviously don't go back and watch the games. Because if you could watch the 1st Giants game again and say that, you'd laugh at yourself too.

    Ware had like 4 sacks of Vick the 1st game and had multiple sacks in another game. QBs like Vick present a different challenge when you're not blitzing them as Dlineman have to maintain rushing lanes more than just getting to the QB.

    Ratliff actually owned their rookie Center in the 1st Eagles game but Vick kept eluding the rush.
  11. morasp

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    The thought among the staff was that the pass rush was not the problem in 2011 but the coverage was.

    That's what I've been thinking too. The opposing quarterbacks didn't have to hold the ball very long.
  12. Bluestang

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    I will have to echo your comments here because the 1st TD that we gave up in the season finale game, Newman couldn't cover Cruz on a simple 5 yd
    out route for less than 2 seconds.

    The secondary was the problem, we were able to get pressure upfront and lots of it.
  13. JPostSam

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    don't know what you saw, but i saw quarterbacks making quick passes to open receivers to avoid our pass rush.

    i absolutely expect our sacks -- and interceptions from hurried passes -- to increase this year, due to improved coverage.
  14. morasp

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    It's fairly obvious based on our off season moves that they think the secondary is the problem. I don't think this was a casual "maybe it's our secondary" decision. It was probably alanlyzed to death before we went out and got new cornerbacks, a safety, and a new secondary coach.

    The other issue was the ability to stop the run with the front seven. If you look at the type of players we drafted including McSurdy, It's obvious that was point of emphasis as well.
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    I saw a terrible secondary and a terrible pass rush all year.

    I don't care if Ware had 4 sacks in the Eagles game. Mike Vick was living comfortably in the pocket all day in that game.
  16. MichaelWinicki

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    The pass rush could be better.

    But no comparison between "worsts".

    The pass defense aced that test.
  17. cowboys2233

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    Agreed. While the sacks tell part of the story, they don't come close to telling the whole story. The fact is, there were far too many times when our pass rush just disappeared, often at the most important times. Yes, our secondary was horrific, but two wrongs don't make a right. To suggest that our pass rush was "fine" is ridiculous. Fortunately, I think they know that, despite what they tell the media.
  18. jimnabby

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    And yet, by all measures, we had a middle-of-the-pack defense last year. Amazing how we did that when we were "terrible" on the front and back ends.
  19. Bluestang

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    Our defense had 50 QB hits and 192 QB pressures as opposed to Baltimore's defense that had 58 QB hits and 128 QB pressures.

    Does that paint a better picture for you?
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