News: DC.COM: Broaddus: Late Lunch: Leftovers: What Effect Will CB Changes Have? (Q&A)

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    Bryan Broaddus
    Football Analyst/Scout

    With just an hour-long broadcast, many email questions often get passed over on the Cowboys Break online radio show. But all questions are appreciated and we'll try to answer them in some form or fashion. After Tuesday's show, Bryan Broaddus answered a few that didn't make the air.

    Could the Cowboys play Morris Claiborne in the slot and put Mike Jenkins and Brandon Carr on the outside? They're the three best corners on this team.

    Broaddus: Claiborne has normally played as the right corner in his career although I have seen him cover in the slot some. But Orlando Scandrick is your slot corner and for how bad he struggled some last year, they are still going to have him do the job.

    I think Anthony Spencer will greatly benefit from the upgraded secondary. Do you think Jerry and Stephen Jones should try to work out a long-term deal with him before the season, or do you think they should wait to see how he performs at the risk of possibility having to pay more to keep him?

    Broaddus: I think that the front office is going to let this ride and see what happens. This is the risk you take, but to be honest, with Kyle Wilber now in the mix, they have at least protected themselves.

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    for all the Spencer homers that keep talking about how the coaches 'love' him, if that is true Jerruh is not listening.
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    If Claiborne, Carr and Jenkins are all on the team and healthy, Scandrick had better not be on the field instead of one of them on a regular basis. That would be asinine.
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    I would agree whole-heartedly if Campo was here. I think Scandrick will be coached up and I think he's coachable.

    Off Topic - I can't begin to express how glad I am Campo's G.O.N.E.
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    I don't care who the coach is. Scandrick is not better than Claiborne, Carr or Jenkins.
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    Did Jenkins play the slot in his rookie year?

    I agree with you though the best 3 should be on the field though.

    The other thing is that in nickel sets, a common coverage defenses like to play are inside out coverages where the slot is bracketed with a safety.
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    None of those guys are gonna excel in the slot - all press man/tech corners. Scandrick has his warts, but you are never gonna get a 'shutdown' from your slot CB... there are plenty that are worse at the position than Scandrick.
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    And in my opinion, none of them are named Mo Claiborne, Brandon Carr or Mike Jenkins.

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