News: DC.COM: Coin Flip: Phillips Wants A Young 'Backer To Step Up

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Sep 29, 2010.

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    Josh Ellis Staff Writer
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    IRVING, Texas - How many people expected this? A month into the season, the Cowboys still haven't found anyone to suitably replace former first-round bust Bobby Carpenter.

    By all accounts, starting linebackers Bradie James and Keith Brooking have performed well on third downs - just as well as Carpenter, who was shipped to St. Louis, subsequently cut and now plays in Miami. But the idea of having Carpenter, and Kevin Burnett before him, as defensive contributors on the nickel subpackage unit was to give those first-teamers a rest.

    Wade Phillips admitted Monday he really doesn't want the 29-year-old James and 34-year-old Brooking on the field for every snap, as they did the first two weeks of the season. But other than a handful of plays against Houston on Sunday, with the lead well in hand, that's been the case this year.

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    I feel very capable of playing that position as good, if not better, than Brook," Williams said. "I'm trying to help this team any way I can. I've actually voiced my opinion; I talked to coach (Reggie) Herring to see if there was any way I could get some more reps at it in practice to build some more trust in the coaching staff to put me in there on game day

    Intresting comments by jason williams he says he's ready and he thinks he can do better than brooking....I know one thing he has a ton of speed and can cover alot of ground...i think he can be used to spy certain te's and rb's out of the backfield and he can be used for some blitz packages with my his speed. just my opinion
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    The train is pulling away from the station, and anyone wanting a real job better start to make a few plays. Plays increases one's time....not just a need for someone. Otherwise, Keith Brooking and Bradie James better get legs of iron.
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    What you are suggesting could be an interesting addition with a player such as Vick....
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    thats exactly what came to my mind as i was writing because i believe that jason williams ran a 4.4 40 so we definately can use him as a spy and allow ware and spencer to wreak havoc on vick because they really rely on the big play and thats all we have to do is get there before anything opens up down field.
    I love our chances with ware and spencer and ratliff alone, but with williams trailing vick he shouldn't really get off on us.
    and mike jenkins owns desean jackson
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    Does anyone know why Phillips says Lee is not suited to play on 3rd down?
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    Sometimes, a quote in the press....'sometimes,' aren't a lightening bolt striking stone and resulting in one of the Ten Commandments. This was more than likely a status indicator for the present wrapped up in a current team direction until someone makes enough plays to warrant the team to approach differently. Different players take longer to adjust and remove restrictive clothing from sharing equal loads during games. Lee is still a 'rook' as to trust. Even top drafted players get worked into the workload. We saw already where mental mistakes take a team. There already was a fan 'crisis' with starters making those mistakes.
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    The young guys are great athletes but still make too many mistakes.

    Williams would be good as a spy, imho. Less worry over play calls then just follow Vick.

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