News: Coleman, Elam Among Six Jersey Switches

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Sep 3, 2011.

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    Posted by nickeatman at 9/3/2011 5:33 PM CDT on

    Among those were starters Kenyon Coleman, who moved from 98 to 99, previously worn by Igor Olshansky, who was cut Saturday.

    Abram Elam switched from 24 to 26, a number worn by rookie cornerback Josh Thomas. And rookie tailback Phillip Tanner is now wearing 24, moving down from 34.

    Rookie receiver Dwayne Harris moved from 14 to 17, rookie linebacker Bruce Carter went from 53 to 54, while rookie outside linebacker Alex Albright is now wearing 55, switching from 47.

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  2. jaybird

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    Dang it! I have an old 34 jersey from back in the day, was going to wear it on occasion.
  3. Cowboy06

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    Ahh come on you don't have an old Marion Barber jersey?? LOL Well, the economy sucks, so go out and buy a new jersey! Someone has to spend those dollars.
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    I wonder if it would be cheaper to buy a new jersey or have a new name sewen on the back of my old Barber jersey?

    Think I'll just go buy a Dez jersey...He should be around for awhile.
  5. Big D

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    Sweet! :starspin
  6. cowboysfan1025

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    I still have the 88 Jersey when Antonio "Bryant" was with us...... no name change needed for our new star 88 Dez "Bryant"
  7. Nirvana

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    I will get a Tanner jersey. Been my pet cat since May. He is going to be special.
  8. cowboyeric8

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    I remember seeing $10 jerseys after Antonio was cut. If I had only known I could have stockpiled and then re-sold them, ha.
  9. FLcowboy

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    I have a Carpenter 54 jersey. Any takers out there?
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    For us OLD FARTS, the implication of Albright wearing #55 brought back CHILLS of the our old middle linebacker, LeRoy Jordan, making plays all over the field. LeRoy was a real cowboy and a real man back in the day. I'm hoping Albright brings HONOR to that football jersey number!!!!
  11. Future

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    I'll give you $10
  12. ThreeandOut

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    Just cross out the "pen" and you have your new Bruce Carter jersey.
  13. fortdick

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    I still think anyone wearing number 54 is pretentious. Cowboys should retire jerseys.
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    Tanner is 24? Thought I read where Fiametta is wearing 24, which would be unusual for a fullback. Maybe it was a typo.
  15. acheman

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