News: Connect The Dots Changes or Not, Run Game Must Improve

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    Connect The Dots
    Changes or Not, Run Game Must Improve
    Nick Eatman

    IRVING, Texas – After five games in the 2011 season, the problem areas are starting to pile up, although a few seem to be somewhat connected.
    You've got an offensive line that has struggled to not only stay healthy, but also be consistent. And therefore, the running game has been erratic. This team has struggled in the red zone and now the play-calling has been questioned again – this week it's too conservative.

    Oh, and if that's not enough, Tony Romo is probably in line for some more blame, too.

    But if you factor them all together, it's like a domino-effect.

    The Cowboys need the line to be healthy and stable so the backs can make plays. The quarterback needs a running game to do his job better, and the entire offense needs to be solid down in the red zone. If that happens, the play-calling can open up yet again.

    It's not just one thing, but more like five. It's just all joined at the hip...

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