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    Road Map
    Defense Can't Let Eli Get Comfortable
    Rob Phillips

    IRVING, Texas – In his seven career trips to Texas Stadium and Cowboys Stadium, Giants quarterback Eli Manning might be remembered (and vilified) most around here for using a pen, not throwing a pass.

    After New York won the September 2009 inaugural game in the Cowboys' new billion-dollar venue, Manning signed – innocently for a Giants attendant, he claimed – the words "First win in the new stadium" on the visiting locker room wall. At the time, it was a nice little subplot to the annual trash talk that permeates this division rivalry.

    As Sunday's showdown for first place approaches, Manning should be recognized more for what he's done on the field in those seven road starts. Counting the Giants' 2007 divisional round upset at Texas Stadium, he's 4-3 all-time at Dallas with 15 touchdowns, five interceptions and a 60.3 completion percentage.

    The Giants won their first and only two visits to Cowboys Stadium in 2009 and 2010. Manning in those games: 50-of-73 for 636 yards, six touchdowns and three interceptions.

    No wonder Cowboys cornerback Mike Jenkins, for one, respectfully called Manning "a sleeper" among the league's best signal-callers. Echoed outside linebacker DeMarcus Ware, "He's one of the top quarterbacks. If you look on the stat sheet, he's up there somewhere."...
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    Just put him on the ground!
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    And hard enough to send him to the sideline for the rest of the year. The Giants have a knack for hurting opposing QB's. Last year, IIRC, they took out Qb's in three successive games.

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    Contain him first. Eli is most dangerous when you're about to sack him and he escapes to make a play. He's good at that. So the trick is to keep him nestled in the pocket and try and slowly collapse it by aplying pressure, and sealing his outside escape routes. Then let the sacks come to you, but don't go reaching for htem.

    Then it's up to the secondary to maintian close coverage. If you pressure Eli all game his throws WILL get erratic, and so even if you don't get the sack and he gets rid of the ball, the DBs will be in good position to grab INTs.

    And this is how you beat Eli. Pressure him to throw the INTs and don't over-persue for the sack; rather let the scaks come to you. And rely on your DBs to do their job.
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    Thank you. And check your man at the line of scrimmage. Anybody seen Newman?
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    You just make sure you check the RB out of the backfield and talk his tail before he gets 20 yards up the field.
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    Someone other than Ware must get pressure.
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    Must get a push up the middle so Ware isn't just running 2-3 yards behind Eli cause he had a nice pocket to step up in.
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    Sorry for the typo. Doesn't make sense until I corrected it.

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