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    Draft season is winding down and we've now reached the final phase of the process: the endless critiquing of draft picks. The Cowboys undoubtedly made a splash when they traded up for cornerback Morris Claiborne, and the majority of attention is rightfully focused on the former LSU star. All of the Cowboys' selections are getting their fair share of time in the limelight, however, even late-round picks James Hanna and Caleb McSurdy.

    But let's not forget the "second draft." The Cowboys signed 21 undrafted players this year, including prospects who could have easily had their name called, such as Oklahoma State offensive tackle Levy Adcock and Memphis guard Ronald Leary. The extent to which Adock, Leary, and the rest of the undrafted bunch can help the 'Boys in 2012 and beyond is unknown, but the odds may be more in their favor than you think.

    We all know about the "Big Two" undrafted players in recent Cowboys' history, Tony Romo and Miles Austin. Without Romo, Valley Ranch would be an awfully different place these days. All the former Eastern Illinois signal-caller has done is post the second-highest career passer rating in NFL history. And it isn't like undrafted Pro Bowl quarterbacks are growing on trees. In terms of Pro Football Reference's approximate value, Romo is the top undrafted quarterback since 2000 by a large margin, with Jake Delhomme and Jay Fiedler a distant second and third. Wide receivers are a bit easier to find after the draft, but there are just a handful of them league-wide that Cowboys fans would want ahead of Austin.

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    Thanks, WG. This article just proves my point.


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