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    Nick Eatman Staff Writer

    For what it’s worth, I had a few random thoughts that came out of Sunday’s Super Bowl game between the Ravens and 49ers. Some have to do with the Cowboys, some just about the game, and some about non-football related things altogether:
    • Just for starters, I probably need to clarify something I said last week that seemed to be misunderstood by a few people. I didn’t say the Cowboys were a better football team than the Ravens. Not right now, not a month ago and not even in the Oct. 14 game in Baltimore. I said the Cowboys outplayed them and SHOULD HAVE won the game, but they didn’t because they hurt themselves. They dropped a 2-point conversion. They gave up a record-breaking kickoff return up the gut. They didn’t take advantage of 227 rushing yards and had to kick too many field goals. They didn’t call a timeout in a crucial situation. They walked back to the huddle. They settled for a 51-yard field goal with a crosswind. And, they lost. They played well enough to win, just like they did last year against the Giants and Patriots, yet they didn’t win. They were close to winning against Super Bowl teams, but I don’t consider the Cowboys close to winning the Super Bowl. There’s a big difference.
    • For those of you who were saying the Cowboys should’ve had interest in Jacoby Jones, I agreed with you back then. I agreed with you even more after the Cowboys-Ravens game and, of course, who wouldn’t think that way after the Super Bowl. What I think is most impressive about his kick returns is how he explodes with the ball right away. That style is good when there’s a hole; when there’s not, it’ll be a collision. I haven’t seen all of Baltimore’s games or even halves, but I’ve seen enough 108-yard kickoff returns. And anything he provides as a receiver is a bonus.
    • I have to admit how impressed I was with San Francisco’s Colin Kaepernick. I’ve watched a few games and he was hit or miss early, but definitely started to come into his own down the stretch. The stage wasn’t too big for him after all. I knew he was a good runner, but he’s got a live arm and he’s not afraid to pull the trigger on throws over the middle. Once he develops a little more touch to his passes, I think he’ll be really good.
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    After that game Jones is going to be a lot more expensive but I agree it would be really nice to have him

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