News: DC.COM: Follow the Leader: Cowboys Rally Behind Veteran Kitna

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    Joseph Garcia Staff Writer

    ARLINGTON, Texas - "They say attitude reflects leadership," nose tackle Jay Ratliff said in the Cowboys' locker room following Sunday's 35-19 victory over the Lions.

    The man he was referring to is 14-year veteran Jon Kitna who has now guided the Cowboys to back-to-back wins following a five-game losing streak. It was the first time Kitna won consecutive games as a starting quarterback since beating the Bears and the Broncos in 2007, when he was the starter for the Lions.

    "He's a leader," Ratliff, a defensive leader himself, said. "He's been in this situation (being on a losing team with Detroit). A lot of us haven't. He's definitely got to lead us out and I think he's doing a great job of that."

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