News: DC.COM: Garrett Content To Keep Tight Ends Over Fullback For Now

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    David Helman Staff Writer

    ARLINGTON, Texas – Don’t look too hard for the next fullback of the Dallas Cowboys – there might not be one.
    Cowboys coach Jason Garrett is rarely one to speak in absolutes regarding his team. But two days before the Cowboys report to training camp, he didn’t give the impression he’s looking to add a new fullback after the release of Lawrence Vickers last week.
    Vickers sat out the duration of team OTA’s and minicamp this spring following an offseason surgery on his back. In his place the Cowboys experimented heavily with extra tight end sets, largely aided by the June acquisition of Dante Rosario[​IMG] – who has experience as an H-Back blocker.
    “That’s the way we operated throughout the offseason,” Garrett said. “Lawrence wasn’t available to us because of an injury, and we just liked how it looked and how it felt.”

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    Not much unexpected here.
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    I feel that this will be a great way to go. I wonder what Hos feels about the no full back move? I know besides kicker ( :) ) that it is his most favorite position!

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