News: DC.COM: Getting Serious Ellis: If Intensity Is A Problem, Leadership Has To Fix It

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    Josh Ellis

    IRVING, Texas - Maybe the strangest thing about all these strange things that have happened over the past two weeks is the fact that it's hard to find any single player to blame or single reason the Cowboys do all these things to lose games.

    Like this week, the offensive line didn't seem to play particularly well, and this was with all the starters in. But it wasn't that one guy simply had a bad game. Instead, each of them did something wrong just often enough to stymie the running game and make Tony Romo uneasy. It's like each of the players on his own is pretty good, but together the collective isn't good enough.

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    I think it is pretty telling on who is consistantly being asked to give a window into the feeligs on the team through times of stress and failures. It consistently involves Tony Romo, Jason Witten, and Roy Williams trying to hold the line, be receptive to the media, and give account of dedication and team responsibility. Tony and Jason were used by the media as a counter effect in locker room incidents or media targets.

    I also find it telling that a supposed 'team captain,' Marion Barber, would take little part in a team meeting and instead play Spades. Simultaneously in line with his own lack of performance and low level of play the two games that have become a stumbling block potentially, for the entire team.

    Think that just maybe, as on other teams, such as the Giants, that the coaching staff should take a stance here, and start playing both Felix Jones and Tashard Choice considerably more. Since it might appear that when real heart hits the field now, it is backed up by those two.

    I have no doubt that Marion has a deep set view of his own self, but I don't know that it extends into the realm of team motivation and accountability for team play. The coming together when things are intense and demanding. I presently, am starting to see Marion Barber in a light akin to Julius Jones before he went to Seattle.
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    MB3 has never been an outspoken leader type guy, I don't know why you'd expect that he would be. Not everybody should have to be.
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    If Intensity Is A Problem, Leadership Has To Fix It

    Leadership? :lmao2:

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