News: Has something about the overall team philosophy changed from the '90s to now?

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    Michael Bolsar - Lake Mary, FL: Has something about the overall team philosophy changed from the '90s to the present? What's different? Or, if it's the same, why is it not working anymore?

    Nick: The NFL has changed from the '90s in that there is a salary cap. You can't just sign anyone you want at whatever price. That's a big reason why it's not working like it did then. And the team hasn't drafted as well as it did to land Michael Irvin, Troy Aikman and Emmitt Smith in consecutive years, coupled with Darren Woodson and Larry Allen. They were drafting so much better back then. Now, poor drafts have caught up to them because they simply don't have the depth when the injuries hit in the season.

    Josh: If you recall, the dynasty of the '90s was built from scratch. The Cowboys started at the bottom and reaped the rewards of their poor seasons with high picks in each round of the draft, not to mention the Herschel Walker trade. Since this team really started to rebuild itself – let's say when Bill Parcells came in 2003 – their highest pick was fifth overall, that year. For the most part they've been picking in the lower half of the first round and every subsequent round in each draft. They've also been without No. 1 picks a couple times because of trades that ended up busting, and just haven't consistently hit on enough picks. The philosophy is pretty much the same, but the execution hasn't been as good...

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