News: DC.COM:Jason Garrett Press Conf Sunday

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Dec 18, 2011.

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    short recap please anyone?:D
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    I haven't watched it but ...

    Up to the challenge; performed well in all three phases; coaches did well; players executed well; we will work to get better; great challenge ahead of us; eagles are a very good football team; focus on today; play well; focus on today well; take the challenge before us and perform well; be the best we can be; <insert player name here> is a good player for us and we're lucky to have him; <insert player here> played well; <insert player name here> is day to day; we will see;

    Those are in no particular order but just imagine a lot of good questions that many of the fans would like to know the answers to and instead replace the answers with any of the above.

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    And -we are preparing for the eagles --one game at a time.:laugh2:

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