News: Jenkins Eyeing Next Doctor Visit; Focused On Teammate Support

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    Jenkins Eyeing Next Doctor Visit; Focused On Teammate Support

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    Nick Eatman

    SAN DIEGO – Mike Jenkins said he’s eager to get back on the field, but he’s not going to push it until he’s 100 percent healthy.

    The Cowboys’ cornerback, who has been out all summer and training camp with a shoulder injury that needed rotator cuff surgery in January, is expected to make a second visit with Dr. James Andrews in Florida in about 10 days.

    The Cowboys were hopeful Jenkins would be cleared to play when he first visited Dr. Andrews, who performed his surgery, back on Aug. 5. Instead, Jenkins was not cleared and was told to return in four weeks, which would be Sept. 2, only a few days before the first game.

    “I don’t know what’s going to happen,” Jenkins said. “When I saw the doctor, he said four weeks. So I’ve got to go back to the doctor and see what he says. But I’ll be 100 percent when I get back.”

    In the meantime, Jenkins is focused on this year and this team. While he’ll likely be an unrestricted free agent after the season and could be headed elsewhere with the Cowboys already having Brandon Carr, Morris Claiborne and Orland Scandrick locked up, Jenkins reiterated he is content with his current situation.

    “Like I’ve said, no quotes ever came out of my mouth about being unhappy. There’s no frustration. That’s just people talking and assumptions,” Jenkins said. “I’m hurt and trying to get healthy. My time will come. I know I’m good enough to be on anyone’s team. The only thing I’m frustrated with is getting my shoulder right and going through this rehab.”...
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    Good to know, I have always liked Jenkins and hope he is ready to help this team out this year. What may happen next season is anyone guess but right now the only thing that matters is this season as it is now 2 weeks away.
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    Jenkins was one of the first to congratulate Carr after both of his interceptions. He was also seen talking to Claiborne about technique as the rookie made his debut Saturday night in San Diego.

    “I’m on this team so when Carr got those two picks, I was happy for him and Mo getting out there, too. Those are my teammates. I’ll support them and they support me.”

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    I hope andrews gives him the ok and they dont have to put him on pup for the first six weeks. I think pup is where he is headed though

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