News: DC.COM: Kavner: Loss Of Spencer Noticeable The Last Two Games

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Oct 19, 2012.

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    Rowan Kavner Staff Writer

    IRVING, Texas – The Cowboys defense isn’t the same without Anthony Spencer[​IMG]. Dallas has allowed at least 30 points in each of its two games without Spencer, after not having done so in any of the first three.

    Spencer owns a fifth of the Cowboys’ sack total, despite playing in only three outings thus far because of a pectoral injury. His two sacks this season place him second on the team in that category.

    The Cowboys have gone with a combination of Alex Albright[​IMG] and Victor Butler[​IMG] in Spencer’s place. They’ve even shifted to a 4-3 at different times, largely to make up for Spencer’s loss.

    Neither substitute has a sack in Spencer’s stead. Ware and defensive lineman Josh Brent[​IMG] have the only Cowboys sacks in the last two games.

    Dallas’ lack of takeaways, and specifically its lack of interceptions this season, is a direct result of a mediocre pass rush through six weeks. The Cowboys are tied for 23rd in the league with 10 total sacks, six of which have gone to Ware, who seems to be the only player getting much of a rush on the outside.

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    Technically, the defense only surrendered 20 to Chicago and 24 to Baltimore. Of course, the were averaging 18 a game the first 3 (I don't remember if there were any int for TD, punts taken back, etc that skew this number) so maybe the Spencer being out point is somewhat valid.
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    this just cant be true, can it

    when we spent all our off season resources on CBs we were told this is the way to a great defense, we will get 'coverage sacks'

    where are all those 'coverage sacks'?

    maybe the oposing teams didnt get that memo
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    So Anthony Spencer was going to stop the 14 points on Tony Romo interceptions in the Chicago game and the Jacoby Jones kickoff return TD last week in Baltimore?

    The defense hasn't surrendered 30 points to anyone this season.

    Two unblocked sacks, a Spencer specialty.

    And he was flagged for a 15 yard face mask penalty on the second sack, which nullified the value of the sack.

    I'm not worried at all about Victor Butler or Alex Albright being able to sack opposing QBs on unblocked blitzes, I'm sure they can manage.

    Very true.

    But everyone should remember Butler blowing around Bears RT Gabe Carimi for a great shot at a sack, only to whiff when Jay Cutler stepped up in the pocket at the last second.

    You will almost never see Spencer make a play like that, he can't turn the corner on tackles, that's why almost all of his career sacks have come when blitzing free.

    So when Spencer comes back the passing TDs to wideouts will stop?

    Spencer's lack of success on passing downs is why most of his detractors want someone else.

    I don't think anyone will argue that Spencer is much better against the run than the pass.

    And the run defense has been fine in Spencer's absence.

    The D was allowing 113 rushing yards per game (28.3 att/gm) and a 3.9 yard average per attempt with him versus 89.5 rushing yards per game (25 att/gm) and a 3.58 yard average per attempt without him.

    Now I have no doubt that Spencer is a better run defender than Butler and Albright, but two opponents decided not to attack his replacements with their ground games.

    I'll be happy to see Spencer back in the mix Sunday if he's able to return, but Rob Ryan needs to keep Butler and Albright in the mix, IMO.

    Both starter's play too many snaps.

    I'd like to see Demarcus Ware as fresh as possible at the end of games.
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    I'm sorry but that simply just isn't true. In the Chicago game Romo threw a pick 6 and in the Baltimore game we gave up a kickoff return for a TD. How are those on the defense?
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    Two of them, actually.
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    Our adjusted sack rate is up this season compared with last season, and that's with Spencer and Ratliff missing a combined six games.
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    I'm not sure how Spencer having 2 sacks while unblocked and not a single sack when there's someone assigned to him is evidence of the team missing him.
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    Spencer provides pressure opposite Ware and is good against the run. He's decent in coverage for a short field.

    If they can push the pocket up the middle or Rat penetrate then Ware and Spencer can be more effective esp Ware.

    Spencer is better than what we've had in there.

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