News: DC.COM: Lee, Carter On Track To Be Ready For Offseason Programs

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    Rowan Kavner Staff Writer

    IRVING, Texas – The two promising athletes on the inside of the Cowboys’ defense should be able to return from injury in time to participate in the offseason programs.

    Of the various defensive losses this year, none surpassed those of Sean Lee and Bruce Carter in importance or significance.

    Lee, who required season-ending toe surgery after starting only six games, and Carter, who dislocated his elbow in the first matchup against Washington on Thanksgiving Day, are both making progress in their recoveries and are on pace to return in the expected timeframe.

    Carter also said he should return before any offseason preparation begins. When Lee went down, Carter’s responsibilities on defense skyrocketed. He became the linebacker communicating the defensive signals and held that duty until he got injured five weeks later after gathering nine combined tackles against the Redskins.

    “My elbow’s good,” Carter said. “I actually start doing band work and work on strengthening it this week coming up, so I’m progressing pretty well.”

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    Good maybe they can stay on the field like london Fletcher. I don't know how lady luck stays on his side, that man hasn't missed a game in forever
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    PEDS. :D
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    These two athletes can't help the club from the tub.
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    ...London Fletcher may end up making a HOF career for himself once he hangs up the cleats.

    It's not on the same media level as Ray Lewis, but man it is something. So sad the Rams let him go.
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    They really need to stay healthy!

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