News: DC.COM: Lesson Learned: Ryan To "Keep My Mouth Shut And Work

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    OXNARD, Calif. - It was an innocuous question about defensive line depth last summer that prompted Rob Ryan to blast the Philadelphia Eagles as the "all-hype team," promising that the Cowboys would "beat their ***."

    This year, Ryan has vowed to hold his tongue. Asked simply how much better the Cowboys defense would be in 2012, he explained that he couldn't totally express his true feelings.

    "I guess we're going to have to wait and see," Ryan said. "Day 1, I'm not calling anybody out. I've learned this is a bigger media than some of the other spots I've been, so I'm going to keep my mouth shut and work."

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    I like this Ryan better, let's hope the product on the field is better.
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    Go Eat a donut, Ryan. Only, not a donut. Eat something that won't make it past any language filters. Then choke on it. And then go to some other team. Take your dad with you.

    NOTE: I'm kidding, sort of. Except for the part about Ryan's coaching somewhere else. But thanks for posting, WG. Cool story, anyway.

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