News: Mailbag - Assuming the Cowboys cut Marc Colombo, what's the backup plan?

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by CCBoy, Jun 22, 2011.

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    Cowboys Mailbag
    Assuming the Cowboys cut Marc Colombo as expected, what's the backup plan if Tyron Smith really struggles?

    REUBEN JOHNSON - NASHVILLE, TN: Assuming the Cowboys cut Marc Colombo as expected, what's the backup plan if Tyron Smith really struggles?

    Rob: Good question, and that's why it makes sense to me to keep Colombo (maybe with a restructured deal) or find a veteran backup swing tackle. Right now, Sam Young is the last line of defense. And Alex Barron won't be back.

    Josh: If it were my call, I would just make Sam Young the swing tackle. Sometimes the Cowboys seem to wait around too long to let their young guys have an opportunity, and it takes a while before they find out if they can play. So long as they're comfortable with the progress Young made last year and what they've seen from him, I would think he'll be good enough to back up two positions...
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    I agree with Josh - let the young guys play

    Barron - A Wreck waitingf to happen

    who knows if Colombo can even play anymore
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    Columbo IS the backup plan, or is it the Rook.
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    i disagree. The Cowboys have to make a call, and if they aren't sold on the a youngster (like Sam Young) then they should look for a veteran they can feel comfortable with. Youth alone is not a good foundation for trusting a guy to fill a role.
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    This has nothing to do with the fact that Marc Colombo is done as a football player and has no value. Seriously, how many more games is it going to take?

    Rob Phillips,

    Not so fast my friend on DeMarco Murray being able to "make a cut that Felix Jones can't make". Felix Jones cuts at one speed, fast. Jones can jump cut, make the rounded cut (never slows down), and can cut and shift his body where he never slows down (watch Jones cut left while shifting his body left, his right foot runs at the same time). Jones is like a jitter bug in the open field. Jones can be shifting from side to side, but he is coming dead at you, fast. Felix is extremely elusive in the open field and on the second and third levels. Jones has the ability to make one guy miss in the open field and set the next guy up at the same time. Felix has a feel for where defenders are supposed to be. Jones breaks tackles with his under rated power and uses his elusive ability to eat up yards. Felix Jones hits the crease in the hole at one speed, real fast.

    Isn't DeMarco Murray a one cut, down hill runner who isn't reported to be very elusive or a big tackle breaker?

    Not so fast my friend. :)

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