News: DC.COM Mailbag: Should Orlando Scandrick take Mike Jenkins place at starting CB?

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Dec 15, 2010.

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    RAY PARHAM - ST MARYS, GA: We all know Mike Jenkins' play has been abysmal, which begs the question whether it may be wise to have Orlando Scandrick take his place as a starter. He's been our most consistent corner and he's playing fearless.

    Rob: He's been the most consistent corner the last month. The most consistent corner all year has been Terence Newman. All three have had some good and bad, and a lot of that is predicated on the pass rush. Scandrick has basically been a starter the last three games because the Cowboys have played so much nickel, and he's done a nice job. I still think Jenkins can play at a Pro Bowl level week to week -- we've seen it -- and DeSean Jackson's 91-yard touchdown was a shame because he had done a pretty good job in the game overall.

    Nick: Wow. What a difference a few weeks make. Orlando Scandrick has been better here lately. Before the last five games, he admittedly struggled. He's getting better, just like Jenkins has as well. And remember this, Scandrick plays most of the snaps anyway. So flipping those two guys won't change a whole lot. I wouldn't change that position here in the last three games.

    Josh: I wouldn't move Scandrick up for either Jenkins or Newman. Scandrick has been better recently, but so has Jenkins, if you really want to know. I think Scandrick had the most trouble of the three in the first half of the season, and you can't forget that. Those games happened too.

    DOUG WARD - KYLE, TX: Last year the Razorback formation did some damage. Why aren't the Cowboys using it this year?

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    I'd make it clear that he's pushing Jenkins. Not to replace Jenkins, but to push him more. And then to replace him if Scandrick keeps getting better and Jenkins can't keep up the pace.

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