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    ARLINGTON, Texas - Sean Lee had been knocked down, but he wasn't out.

    Call it a microcosm of the rookie linebacker's season, in which he's been injured a number of times, only to keep coming back, trying to contribute where he can. So when he was blocked to the ground and completely out of the play on a run up the middle by Detroit's Jerome Felton halfway through the third quarter, it shouldn't have been surprising that Lee scraped himself off the turf just in time to get a hand in on Keith Brooking's tackle.

    It happened to be placed just perfectly, and popped the ball out of Felton's grip for a fumble, recovered at the Lions' 19-yard line by Jason Hatcher. Four plays later Jon Kitna would hook up with Miles Austin for a three-yard touchdown pass that allowed the Cowboys to extend their lead to two scores, 21-12, and out of Detroit's reach.

    Felix Returns, Shines Running back Felix Jones left the game with a hip injury in the second half. X-rays were negative, and he returned later in the third quarter to help close out the Lions.

    Hatcher's Impactful Return On Oct. 25, defensive end Jason Hatcher injured his groin just as he was about to sack Giants quarterback Eli Manning.

    McBriar's Field Position
    For much of the second and third quarters, the Cowboys' best weapon was Mat McBriar.
    While the offense struggled, the veteran punter aided field position with three booming kicks that mostly pinned back dynamic Lions returner Stefan Logan.

    Great News For Wares On Saturday, DeMarcus Ware Jr. was born three weeks earlier than expected. That's OK. Mother and child are perfectly healthy, the baby 5 pounds, 13 ounces and arriving just in time for Sunday's win over the Lions in which his dad posted a half-sack.

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    Got to love TNew, but I wonder how wonderful he feels to get #25, only to tie Howley, who was a 4-3 linebacker.

    Not too impressive for TNew, but for an outside LB to have 25 ints and MVP of a SB for the losing team, along with many other's a shame he's not in the HOF...the original #54 Cowboy.

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