News: DC.COM: Records & Milestones Within Reach For Ware, Witten, Romo

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    Nick Eatman Staff Writer

    The three main faces of this current team are all in position to break franchise records this year.

    For starters, tight end Jason Witten[​IMG] is closing in on Michael Irvin’s all-time receptions record of 750. Witten is currently in second place with 696 receptions and needs just 55 catches to surpass “The Playmaker.” Witten has averaged more than 77 catches per season in his nine-year career and since his rookie season in 2003, Witten hasn’t had a season with less than 64 catches.

    Next let’s go with DeMarcus Ware[​IMG], who has 99.5 sacks, currently in fourth place in club history. But Ware needs 15 sacks to surpass Harvey Martin (114.0) as the Cowboys’ all-time sack leader. While the NFL didn’t make sacks an official stat until 1982, the Cowboys have always kept their own stats and still acknowledge Martin as the leader, followed by Randy White (111) and Ed Jones (106). That’s why there are some places where Ware is recognized as the all-time sack leader already. But after 15, he’ll have the most of any player in any era.

    And quarterback Tony Romo[​IMG] can move up in the record books as well. While he currently ranks fourth in club history with 149 touchdown passes, just an average season would likely put Romo in first place, ahead of Troy Aikman and his 165 touchdown passes. Danny White (155) and Roger Staubach (153) are both currently ahead of Romo as well. But for a guy who threw 31 last year, getting to 17 shouldn’t be a problem as long as he stays healthy.

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    It's nice watching greatness return to the sidelines of veterans on the field. And no, there isn't a needed asterik * with a Bill Parcells 'player.'
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    We gotta get these guys rings.
  4. cowboyeric8

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    Now they are just stealing articles from Hostile. Haha
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    Going to be a good season offensively. I'm hoping for a good one defensively as well. Witten will climb the ladder. All the way to the HOF.
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    I believe we will see all three of these records eclipsed this year. These three guys will become the all time franchise leaders in these catagories this season. Of course that's all baring injury but I believe they'll all get it this year.

    Pretty amazing numbers these guys are already closing in on.
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    Man how hollow will these amazing accomplishments look if Dallas doesn't at least play in a Superbowl behind these three hard-working, great players?
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    These 3 players deserve all the credit they are getting and I'm not taking away anything from Romo or Witten, but it is a totally different league now - pass happy league. Having said that, that also favors Ware.

    All 3 are Cowboy greats, but there is no question it is a differernt game these days.

    At some point, I'd like these stats to add up to playoff victories, NFC Championships and Super Bowl wins.

    In other words, I don't care about stats other than wins.


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