News: DC.COM: Remember Me? Bennett Steps Up With Much "Needed" Game

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    Nick Eatman Staff Writer

    LANDOVER, Md. – In a game that was back and forth with many twists and turns and momentum swings, it's hard to read a stat line of three catches for 31 yards and see a difference-maker.

    And while there were more heroes in Sunday's 27-24 overtime win, the Cowboys might not be heading back to Dallas with a 6-4 record had it not been for Martellus Bennett.

    "I just sat (in the zone) and Tony did a good job of finding me," said Bennett, who carried a host of defenders for about four more yards as the Redskins were desperately trying to rip the ball away. "They weren't getting the ball. That's my No. 1 priority – not to fumble when I get the ball like that. I thought they were going to blow me down but they didn't. I kept moving my feet and made sure no one ripped the ball out."

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