News: DC.COM: Romo Offers Insight Into Slow Starts, Electric Finishes

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Dec 4, 2012.

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    I still do not understand why they don't force the ball to Dez early in games. Maybe a reverse or just a simple bubble screen. I'm still waiting for the reverse to Dez and then he throws a 70 yard bomb to Miles for 6.
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    I think it's pretty obvious that Romo and Garrett like to get a feel early on as to what the opposing defense is going to do. That's essentially what scripting the first 15 plays is about...scripting the 1st quarter's offensive plays and get the personnel packages and looks you want and see how the opponent is going to defend them.

    I don't know if Garrett scripts the first 15 plays or not. But you're right, they do have penalties that kill drives. And if you put yourself at 2nd and 20, the go away from the script because the down and distance has screwed evertyhing up. But, that will mean that they will carry that script into the 2nd quarter.

    Sadly for me, I think the revolution is to go with a hurry up style of offense and snap the ball early into the play clock. I think it makes things easier for the entire offense because they don't have to worry about the opposing defense switching and disguising coverages, stunts and blitzes. Furthermore, the opposing defense cannot substitute personnel as effectively as they want to. In other words, the hurry up will dictate what goes on the field instead of the defense dictating it. And it's simpler as well. I think we have the QB to run an effective hurry up, but we're too busy trying to out-scheme everybody.

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    I can assure you fellas, that penalties, blown assignments, and interceptions have been the root cause that have killed several of our starting drives.

    Just look at how the first three drives in the WAS game ended.
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    Based on the personnel we have, and thinking that it's easier to find players that fit it, I'd change to the 4-3. I know a good 3-4 (like Pitt's) can be outstading, but we have never really been able to make it as effective.

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