News: Rookie Scale The Beginning Of A Better NFL

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    Ellis: Rookie Scale The Beginning Of A Better NFL
    Josh Ellis

    IRVING, Texas - So here's hoping a deal gets worked out between the owners and players this week and football - even meaningless preseason football - returns as scheduled, on time.

    No harm, no foul. All is forgiven, and everybody wins.

    That is, everybody except this year's first-round picks, who, since they haven't been unionized yet, obviously weren't consulted by DeMaurice Smith and the other players representatives involved in hammering out the rookie wage scale agreement late last week, that key piece leading to the now resounding optimism that a new Collective Bargaining Agreement is coming shortly. No firm numbers have emerged yet as to how much the guys at the front of the draft will lose, though there have been reports of anywhere between a 45-60 percent decrease from the contracts signed by last year's top guys.

    So, Tyron Smith, No. 9 overall pick, take this here check for $12.5 million over the next five years. Yeah, C.J. Spiller did get $25 mill a year ago, but, you know, tough...
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    The Rookie Wage Scale was LONG overdue. :flagwave:

    I dont really look at this years rookies being hurt near as much as I do the veterans of all the years past that didn't get paid well because a select few top picks got over paid and were 'busts' that did not deserve getting paid big bucks.

    IE: Ryan Leaf, Jamarcus Russell, etc.


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