News: Roster Full Of Players With Something To Prove

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    All-Prove It Team
    Phillips: Roster Full Of Players With Something To Prove
    Rob Phillips Staff Writer

    IRVING, Texas - A former athlete once told me it's easier proving people wrong in sports than proving them right. The game is about expectations and how players and teams handle them, especially in the wake of today's instant, incessant media.

    Let's face it, the Cowboys face pressure even when they're terrible. They're the Dallas Cowboys. When they're good, the burden builds. And the last two times they've been Super Bowl favorites, 2008 and 2010, they didn't even reach the playoffs.

    This year, the pressure's off -- sort of. As much as it can be for America's Team, which ain't much. Another losing season would prove disastrous, of course, but perhaps this team is better off when folks write them off. Maybe the 2008 season motivated them in 2009, fresh off the 44-6 debacle. Maybe the 2010 season drives them now.

    It better...
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    I would say that list is pretty accurate... I would put Allen Ball on the list because they need to know if he can still be a 4th CB.
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    Josh, you need to look at the Football Outsiders and the Pro Football Focus analysis of Felix Jones. Felix Jones "doesn't need to play better". He needs the blasted football in his hands consistently and a better right side of the offensive line and a better fullback. That will improve the run blocking significantly. Tyron Smith...check! Nevertheliss, look at some statistical data which shows the significant drop off in run blocking from 2009 to 2010 here:

    Coach Garrett had Felix Jones on a 1500+ total yard pace during the last eight games of 2010, and Marc Colombo was the worst starting RT in the NFL. Leonard Davis' job isn't save, and he has no business starting at guard for the Cowboys next year, imo.

    Pro Football Focus (2010) graded Jones better than 72% of the running backs in the NFL (16/58) despite Jones facing severe adversity on multiple fronts last season. Felix' 2010 DVOA rated 10th among running backs according to Football Outsiders. That ranking was better than 78% of the running backs according to FO. Also, according to Football Outsiders, Felix' 2010 DYAR ranked 11th.

    Furthermore, compare these 2010 grades or metrics to Felix's 2009 PFF and FO grades or metrics and see what you find.

    You can read it here:

    According to Football Outsiders, Felix Jones accumulated a 2010 broken tackle/per touch percentage of 12.9%, which ranked among the best in the NFL. A FO "broken tackle" also included plays where a defender was "in a position to make a tackle", but the running back made the defender miss. So, you are getting a metric that measures the blend of power and elusiveness.

    You can see that here:
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    We read some Pro Football Focus numbers on Doug Free on Dallas, but the web site didn't put any of this stuff out, in regards to Felix Jones.


    The next time a fan calls in and calls Tashard Choice the best running back on the team or calls Felix Jones "over rated", will someone say something? Those type of comments are absurd comments which can be easily defeated.

    Eatman isn't going to do it, so either you or Josh Ellis are going to have to say something, or all of you are going to look bad. Eagleton, Spagnola...


    I'm sick and tired of the extreme bias (in the Dallas media) directed at Felix Jones, and you would think wouldn't be right in there with them.

    Anyone home?
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    I'm sorry. I meant to direct my comments at Rob Phillips (the author), not Josh Ellis. I apologize.

    Rob, at least, you did acknowledge that Jones was set to get his first opportunity to be the feature back from the alpha to the omega of the season. You did state that Jones was "pretty good" last year. I'll give you credit for that. I'm sure Felix Jones has two big chips on each shoulder, and I'm sure he is looking forward to any competition.

    I think you and Josh Phillips have done good, at times, in regards to countering all the biased press that Felix Jones receives, and some of that is in your own studio. Micky Spagnola has endorsed Jones as the feature back next year. I don't mean to come down too hard, but it's frustrating when callers say stuff like the Choice comment, and that caller's dead wrong view isn't defeated with the facts.
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    I think Felix is poised to break through and become one of the better RB's in the league on a consistent basis. The addition of Murray will only make Felix run harder IMO.

    Murray will be our change of pace back while Felix entrenches himself as the #1 dude.
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    Football is a team sport and this team (the current set of players) hasn't won squat.

    There isn't a player on this team who doesn't have something to prove.

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