News: DC.COM: Roster Rundown: Hurd Thrives In Role-Player Tag

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    (Editor's Note: Throughout the offseason, staff writers will take a closer look at the roster, analyzing each player's impact last season and how he fits into the team's 2011 plans. Today's featured player is wide receiver Sam Hurd.)

    Name: Sam Hurd
    Position: Wide Receiver
    Height/Weight: 6-3/209
    Experience: Five seasons
    College: Northern Illinois

    2010 Impact: Hurd was once again a mainstay on special teams. While he didn't lead the team in tackles this past season, he finished second and was often the prime target for opponents' blocking schemes. On offense, Hurd was again just a role player, catching 14 passes for 120 yards. His longest reception was just 13 yards without a touchdown. Those numbers don't exactly justify the $1.75 million price tag, but throw in his special teams work, and some teams might consider Hurd a bargain.

    Where He Fits: That's a good question, considering all the uncertainty with the NFL labor talks. Hurd should be a free agent this year, having been restricted each of the last two seasons. If the Cowboys are willing to pay around $1.5 million to maybe $2 million for a guy who can lead their special teams and be a viable receiving option in a pinch, then Hurd can be fit for the Cowboys or any team. But his price tag keeps getting higher, begging the annual question if a team can find someone younger and cheaper to replace him.

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