News: DC.COM: Roster Rundown: McGee Showed Progress At Year's End

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    (Editor's Note: Throughout the offseason, staff writers will take a closer look at the roster, analyzing each player's impact last season and how he fits into the team's 2011 plans. Today's featured player is quarterback Stephen McGee.)

    Name: Stephen McGee
    Position: Quarterback
    Height/Weight: 6-3/222
    Experience: Two Seasons
    College: Texas A&M

    Key stat: McGee threw go-ahead touchdown passes in the final two minutes of both games he played in 2010.

    Where He Fits: With better health for the quarterbacks ahead of him on the depth chart, McGee will go back to his role as the No. 3 guy. Kitna's contract will be up after the 2011 season, however, and he'll be 39, so it's easy to project McGee sliding up to the backup role another year down the road, especially if he continues to show the signs of growth he exhibited when given the opportunity to play in 2010. If he continues to progress as the Cowboys envision, he could eventually be a starter in the league.

    Read the writer's analysis:
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    To project him as a potential future starter is a bit much, but I think it's reasonable to believe he can step into Kitn's shoes as the No. 2 guy after 2011. He better be able to anyway, because he won't have a job if he can't.

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